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Fermi: Nothing new... More delays...

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  • Fermi: Nothing new... More delays...

    Most of us were under the impression that when Nvidia said after delaying their much touted powerpoint slide, erm, Fermi based graphic cards, that they'd probably launch it this time around. However, news is not to good, at CES Jensen announced that the chippery should be arriving sometime during the Q1. Most of us know the quarter to end in March, but wait, Jensen had another surprise, it seems... that he meant the Nvidia's financial calendar, which is to end on the 30th of April.

    This sucks, i was looking forward to some competition in the market and cheaper graphic cards as a result there of. Bugger!

    Read more at for tearing more of your with the frustrations caused by all the delays...

    Jensen has just finished his keynote and at the end of it it showed off a Fermi GF100 card and announced three monitor 3D stereo. He also said that Fermi is in full volume production as we speak and it should launch in Q1 2010.

    We asked one of the many VPs around us and we learned that when Jensen says Q1 2010 he means Nvidia’s fiscal Q1 rather than real people’s Q1. Nvidia’s Q1 starts in January and ends on April 30th so the worst case scenario for Nvidia is to launch a card sometime in April.

    Most people hope to see Fermi in march time, in sufficient volumes, but since it has been delayed for a few times already, we will have to take this with a grain of salt. We want to see Fermi shipping in volume before we make any judgment about something that is now a PowerPoint / demo unit chip.