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Vizio: Kicks ass at 21:9

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  • Vizio: Kicks ass at 21:9

    Philips came with a cinema wide screen and the rest of the world went, "wow, they sure must be crazy." It is a niche product and costs a BOMB... and well, to be honest, not a majority of prints of films run that resolution, so quite a waste, which is what most opined. Me, i was nursing a semi.

    Now, Vizio, it is following the same path and bringing out a telly... well, there are more... with 3D tech... and post some scary figures when it comes to the price.. however, more on that will be in a separate article.


    Looking for an HDTV that will "pretty-up" your favorite HD movies correctly without those annoying black bars? VIZIO has the answer with its new 58-inch "Cinema Wide" XVT Pro 580CD Razor LED HDTV. This allows film enthusiasts to enjoy 2.35:1 films on a full screen (2560 x 1080p) without the need to throw in those infamous black bars. The HDTV also sports built-in wireless HDMI and VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA) with HD wireless networking (802.11n dual-band), making it a tasty treat for film buffs.

    The XVT Pro 580CD is one of many XVT Pro HDTVs announced today, joining VIZIO's new 72-inch 480 Hz SPS TruLED Full HD3D HDTV (with 460 zones), the 55-inch 480 Hz SPS TruLED Full HD3D HDTV (with 120 zones), and the 47-inch 480 Hz SPS TruLED Full HD3D HDTV (with 160 zones). In addition to the ultra-cool 3D technology, these also offer wireless HDMI, a Bluetooth universal remote (with sliding QWERTY keyboard), HD wireless networking, and Ethernet.

    While VIZIO didn't offer price points for the Cinema Wide HDTV, it did provide a few scary numbers in regards to its just-announced 3DHD HDTVs. The 47-inch version will cost a not-too-shabby $1,999 with an estimated street date of August 2010. The 55-inch version will cost $2,499 and ship around the same time. As for the massive 72-inch 3DHD HDTV, it will cost a whopping $3,499.

    As for the 58-inch Cinema Wide Display, VIZIO said that it will utilize the company's Smart Dimming technology, and feature a "1 million to 1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio" and display images at 120 Hz. This one is expected to ship later this year as well, presumably in August.