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CLARKDALE i5 670: 0-6.9 ghz :D

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  • CLARKDALE i5 670: 0-6.9 ghz :D

    So bunch of blokes have now almost breached the 7 ghz barrier... what does that mean for you and me??? Come on, a bigger e-peen... How did you miss that?

    Anyhoo, this means most people could see higher than current numbers possibly... on air...


    Bunch of Clarkdale and Arrandale reviews have already gone up, but one CPU-Z validation page caught our eye, and according to our info this one comes from Belgium OC team. The 6.9GHz mark on LN2 is really a nice record and all we need now is those extra 100MHz to break the 7GHz barrier.

    The overclocking was done on EVGA's P55 SLI motherboard, 4GB of G.Skill DDR3 memory, Nvidia Geforce 9800GT card and some LN2. The same CPU was also overclocked on air and has reached 5.4GHz on Biostar's TH55XE motherboard which is still a nice score, but nowhere close to the 6.9GHz done with LN2.

    The Clarkdale certainly has impressive overclocking potential despite the fact that the graphics is pretty lame and that the price isn't that great.

    You can find the LN2 validation page here, while the 5.4GHz on air validation can be found here.

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    Thats great news dude ,technology is impressive:D


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      wwwwwoooooooohhhooooooooow Belgium!
      One day we will OC the world!


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        he he he... i always liked belgium for all the right and wrong reasons.... but mostly for giving us spa...