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I have a question about spell check

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  • I have a question about spell check

    Is there a program that you can put on a Windows 10 laptop &
    do a spell check on an ebook I downloaded & have been reading
    On my Kindle Paperwhite because whoever uploaded the book
    must have never run a spell check because you canít understand
    A lot of words in the book you just have to guess at them &
    thatís just really annoying right there.

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    Do you think that some spelling mistakes can be there? I doubt that it is possible. It's like searching for spelling mistakes in papers you got from global assignment service or something. Anyway, I am pretty sure that it's possible to find such a piece of software but if you ask the same question on a forum related to blogging.


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      You can basically get the text into any editor out there and it should include a spell check. I guess you have the book in .pdf, there is a spell check script for that for sure.