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  • Netbooks and Nettop pc's

    Their compact size are what makes netbooks and nettop pc's shine.
    Is there a chance that one day these two platforms will end up replacing the need for our traditional bulky desktop setups?
    What ya guys think?

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    Definitely. I think a more valid question would be: do you see netbooks replacing laptops? These days, you see laptops pretty much replacing the use of desktops. Specifically, for businessmen/businesswoman and students. As we see the advancements in technology and the exponential boost in system performance, it's likely netbooks could overcome laptops. Rather than using the DVD drive, people simply make use of flash drives. To me, it's not a matter of will it but when will it.


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      I believe that netbooks would replace laptops. We need to travel so much these days and carry it everywhere that netbooks have become essential. If a laptop is to give it a fight. it must be lighter. I would prefer a 12" netbook. However Desktops are essential. There are certain companies like dell who have very small and trendy desktops. I do not think netbook would be a replacement for my desktop


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        I'm already starting to see a lot of these around my work areas and what not. Mobility is always better, especially for businessmen and students (as stated before).

        This might be more appropriate;
        -- Will netbooks replace laptops?
        -- Will nettops replace desktops?

        You also have to take into account that technology will one day be as sophisticated to allow netbooks/nettops the same functionality as laptops/desktops. You'd have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

        In account for time I think it will take quite a bit in both cases. After something has settled in it's going to take a bit more pushing to replace it with something new.
        Reminds me of Google Wave's intentions in replacing e-mail and such.


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 - ASUS Eee PC T91MT-PU17-BK Black Intel Atom Z520(1.33GHz) 8.9" WSVGA 1GB Memory 32GB SSD NetBook - Netbooks

          Thats the netbook that i own, asus t91mt. Its great for what i need it to do. When im just crusing the net or talking on irc i can use it and ill only be using 36 watts witch compared to my desktop is nothing.


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            I got EEE PC 701 4GB Black. it's already second year since i have it. Just some issues with power and my battery, otherwise it works just great. The other week i dumped XP|home and replaced it with Ubuntu 9.10. Disk being used outside design parameters
            (4.0 GB Hard Disk(SSD) - ATA SILICONMOTION SM223AC) seems like they put cheap SSDs into netbooks and they have speeding tickets off the OS. I use it with WiMax modem Samsung. It was pretty simple to google drivers and set it up. There is Samsung N310 with built-in WiMax modem. I might switch to it later this year.


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              I can see the nettops replacing your standard desktop (except for hardcore gaming machines of course)

              I think netbooks are more suited to students and other people on the run. I cant see them replacing laptops full time as the screen and keyboard sizes are just too small.

              Now............... tablet PC's, theres where the future lays me thinks.

              My ipod touch is the best device i have bought in a long time and i am really wanting the apple tablet to come out as rumored.

              I have always been a pc guy but since using my ipod touch, i am prepared to go apple. The functionality in the touch / iphone is phenominal in my opinion and i can only see the apple tablet being that much better.

              I suppose that once the apple is released there will be an influx of pc tablets, especially given the touchscreen functionality of windows 7 but i cannot see them trumping the apple (maybe pricewise). Also i think the multi touch of the apple is patented, which would be drawback to any pc tablet released without this feature (as this is my fav feature of the touch).
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