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Zotac GTX 275 AMP! Overclocking

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  • Zotac GTX 275 AMP! Overclocking

    Well, I bought this GPU and im very impressed with it however. I was playing around with its software ( Firestorm ) and noticed I can overclock it even further.

    So one night as a test I sat idle in windows and Nocked everything up to the Max
    Engine Clock, Memory Clock and Shader Clock. Windows froze and did not respond untill I restarted and the GPU reset it self back to normal.

    So what Im asking is if anyone would know the safe parameters so windows doesnt freeze. The Mhz are as Follows.

    Basic Factory overlcocked:

    Lowest Mhz Attainable using Firestorm:

    Highest Mhz Attainable using Firestorm:

    Now i know the faster I set these the hotter it will get but not a problem as I can manually set the Fan to any speed and moniter the Temp.

    If anyone can help me or point me in the right direction I will be very greatfull.

    Thank You