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Dear Security Pros - Complete data erasure?

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  • Dear Security Pros - Complete data erasure?

    Scenario: You know that somebody (police, FBI, CIA, Interpol, whatever) is coming to look at your computer.

    What do you use to completely erase your hard drives? Is DBAN enough?
    Write random bits? All 0's? 7 passes? 35 passes? Gutman method, DOD?

    Anybody have suggested programs to do this?

    If anybody is curious, I do happen to know softwares that certain law enforcement places use, and that there are ways (electron microscopy for example) to recover past a DBAN...but I want to hear from other users what they think is secure enough to hide all their illegal material if somebody is coming before I get into the technical stuff.

    Detailed answer appreciated.

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    I've done some research on this exact subject and have come to the conclusion that a DOD pass on DBAN Is sufficient enough for not even the highest of government departments would be able to pull anything off of the drive. What what I understand the complexity of the 1's and 0's that are written to the physical disks and the amount of times that thus is done leaves NO TRACE of the previous data with as many passes as this process requires. But damn does it take a long time for DOD pass a large capacity drive. FOUR DAYS for 1 TB once! waste of time id say.