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  • Firefox or Chrome?

    I've been using Chrome for 2 years already but I've used FireFox for 4 years before I started using Chrome. I stopped using FireFox because Chrome was generally faster during that time but now FireFox made some major updates already. I just want to know if it's better to switch back to FireFox now or just stay in Chrome because it's still better? Please give me some good comparisons. :) Enlighten me! Thank you!

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    bongjebong​ i use both, but I prefer Chrome over firefox

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      Chrome is a lot better in my opinion.


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        CHROME FTW Much more Faster and lighter than FF. :)
        But Specially I like that Auto Translate Language which is built -in :)

        EDIT : And yeah forgot the most Precious option. Which syncs your BookMakrs and everything with your account. And after the re-installation of OS . You can restore all your settings. :)
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          I've been using Chrome lately. The feature to sync your mobile browser to your desktop browser is priceless.
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            Chrome, built in flash and auto translate for... romanian/russian/asian sites :D


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              Originally posted by ruzris136 View Post
              Chrome, built in flash and auto translate for... romanian/russian/asian sites :D
              Auto-translate is priceless too!
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                Yesterday I would've said Firefox, today I say Chrome. It's an ongoing struggle to decide.

                Edit: And now I'm back to Firefox. If I had auto-translate I would never go back to chrome.
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                  Always FF,

                  I've never even had chrome installed in my computer.

                  Every time I have to use chrome I spend hours looking for basic options and sometimes I can't even do what I want.

                  I use ff since 2004/05 so I probably can't get used to another browser, but I still think it's the best.


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                    Firefox !

                    ps : chromes makes a profile of everything you've every visited/downloaded and it will send it back to main servers of MS !


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                      Use both, Firefox for browsing and Chrome for incognito sessions ( I know firefox has it too )


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                        generally chrome is better in my opinion
                        funny thing is chrome has problems here in TI
                        can't copy-paste and some other bugs


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                          Chorme is better.. It is lighter and faster web browser.


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                            Chrome has better extensions and features, even though it can crash pretty easily
                            firefox has less features than chrome but more stable.

                            overall choice for me would be chrome still ...


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                              I prefer FIREFOX always! But the answer to your question is in this link below:

                              FireFox VS Opera VS IE VS Chrome

                              Firefox's new tabs on demand feature and its expedited tab loading brought it into first place, above last time's winner, Chrome. Opera caught up to Chrome and even blew past it with its speed improvements, while Internet Explorer once again took a fairly distant last place. As we said, you should look at the individual scores above to see which browser is faster in the areas you care about—if you don't like Firefox's new tabs on demand, for example, Chrome may be "faster" for you. As usual, we're seeing that each browser is focusing on specific areas of improvement: Firefox with memory management, Opera with start times and CSS, and Chrome with its JavaScript and prerendering features—so wherever you're feeling the weight of your current browser, that might be a good place to see who's a faster choice.
                              Hope it helps. :)


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