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Windows VS Mac VS ubuntu (linux)

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    I know the stigma for all of them... Linux is for geeks, Mac is for the clueless, and Windows has it all. But I have experience with all three, from a user, programmer, and security perspective.

    For years I was all about Windows. I wrote tons of Windows software, from server apps, to system utilities, and even SEO software. I also "played" with linux, but that was just to get my geek fix. But mac? NO WAY!!!!! Macs were for retards! I may as well have been a Microsoft Spokesman back then!

    But I got into video editing, and really wanted to use Final Cut. So I finally went and got myself a Macbook. So now picture my setup. Massive desk with dual monitors, 2 monster boxes with Windows, and a 17" Alienware laptop.... and this little macbook.

    After a day, I thought I may as well play around with it for more than just Final Cut and get used to OSX. So I added my mail accounts in Mac Mail. Within about 10 minutes, I was hooked. OMG! I can search instantly. This was sooooo much better than Outlook!!! Then I tried Word. Damn! Word on the mac was better and more stable that Word on Windows??? WTF? OK, onto serious stuff. What about Newsgroups? What about FTP? What about IDEs? Before I knew it, I found a mac replacement for everything that was better than the Windows counterpart. Within a few weeks, my windows boxes were gathering dust. I even made sure to install Paralells because I would surely need SOME things that were Windows only. Nope! Never used it, except to install Windows on the mac. It was wasted space.

    OK, so at this point I am using the Mac for most everything, and I start to get under the hood. 1st thing. No registry? No uninstall apps for most software? No anti-virus or anti-spyware market for it? No, because everything was essentially sandboxed. Delete the icon, delete the app, period. No blue screens of death. No leftover files all over the machine, and no bloating registry. And when I needed to get something serious going, Bam! Open up terminal, and it was as comfortable and powerful as linux, of course. But the simplicity of the UI was brilliant!!!

    And then something else happened over time. I realized that at one point my mac had been running for 3 months, having never been rebooted. NEVER. Not one crash. Not one blue screen. Not one "Reboot for this installation to take effect". Not a single driver conflict. And when I got a new printer, my mac just saw it and connected.. No hunting for drivers that MIGHT work. I was hooked.

    Then the biggest of all things happened. I broke a key on my keyboard. I picked it up, went to the Apple Store, and showed it to them. Within 5 minutes, they brought my Macbook out with a new keyboard installed... no charge... no hassle. Had that been my Alienware (or any other) laptop, how would that have worked out? And I realized that this was world-wide, so if I am travelling in Germany, no problem... just find the nearest Apple Store, and it is done. In fact, I had to have a repair done in Rome. No problem.

    Four years after getting that Macbook, I decided to get a new one. I wanted more horsepower, but I can honestly say that it was still just as responsive and just as fast as the day I had first bought it. No slowdown over time, no regular cleaning to keep it running fast and smoothly, no reinstalls of the OS, except for regular updates and upgrades. It just stayed as it was from the day I bought it.

    So is Mac for retards, as I used to think? No. It rocks!!!

    In all fairness, I am not a big gamer. If I were, I would keep a Windows box for gaming. I also have several Ubuntu servers for other purposes, and love them! But for my every day use, it is all Mac, and there isn't a Windows box in my house anymore.


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