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I need a good (cheap) tablet

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  • I need a good (cheap) tablet

    I want to be able to access the web from it mostly. Wifi would be a must and being able to teether would also be nice.

    Any ideas/suggestions.

    I would also like good unbiased feedback from tablet owners if there are any.

    NO IPAD remarks..... There over priced for what you get.

    I have looked at the kindle fire but not sure if it can be tethered (you know for when your at work and there is no wifi).

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    Good and Cheap do not go hand in hand with tablets, I have tried some sub $100 tablets and they were awful.

    I think you missed the boat with the HP tablets, they were cheap and decent.

    You also want to tether at work... does your work allow you to install the software to do this? I personally can at mine because I have admin access, my boss would not be able to do so. Also, does your company prohibit you from using company equiptment for non-company use?

    What kind of screen do you want?
    What is the smallest you will use?

    Your tethering hopes seem far fetch, you might be better off looking at creating a ad-hoc network at your job, if they are going to allow you to install software on your PC and plug in hardware then ad-hoc should not be an issue. Also, how many places that don't have wifi are going to let you plug in to their computer? If it is that much on an issue, you might want to use your phone to get access to the internet with your tablet.
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      The Kindle Fire You can root the device, install the Android Market and then unroot it using SuperOneClick. The Market will stay installed and you can still download apps

      How to sideload apps (even the Android Market) on the Amazon Kindle Fire - Liliputing
      You have to look up on how your phone does its wifi hotspotting.

      Friend has a galaxy S and when we set up the wifi, kindle fire works perfectly fine from it.
      an app that will share it as infrastructure and not adhoc, wifi tether (app) if you are on Android is what its called i think, also iphone wifi spot does it i tihnk
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        This one i had seen ~200USD.
        ViewPad 7 the 7" Android Tablet - Products - ViewSonic

        It has android and is okie,
        well this cheapest decent usable tablet i have seen, Have a look.

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          I just bought my wife a Kindle Fire for Christmas .. $199. I would really look into that if you need a "cheap tablet" .. I bought her a $65 PanDigital.. After reading the reviews, I think it may just lay around as a 2nd tablet, it's too terrible to be considered anything more than an eBook reader.


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            Kobo Vox is nice, no tethering and no Android Market though I imagine someone will root and CFW it soon.


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              The Asus Transformer II is out soon, if it's not already. When it comes out, the first transformer should be cheaper! I think it's supposed to be a quad core 2.5GHz cpu powering the new one. Pretty snazzy.


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                I just went with a new phone but thanks for all the suggestions