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4-Port Adapter Shoots 500Mbps Over Electrical Lines

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  • 4-Port Adapter Shoots 500Mbps Over Electrical Lines

    TRENDnet has unveiled a new 4-port Powerline AV Adapter that transmits network signals across the local electrical system at 500 Mbps.

    Friday during the IFA electronics show in Berlin, networking company TRENDnet demonstrated a new Powerline AV Adapter that transmits network signals at 500 Mbps across existing electrical lines. What's more, the adapter featured four Ethernet ports, allowing up to four media center devices to access the Internet simultaneously – not via Ethernet, not via Wi-Fi, but by way of the local electrical system.

    "Network-ready Internet televisions now make up to 50-percent of total television sales in select markets," said Sonny Su, Director of Technology for TRENDnet. "The need to connect multiple media center devices to the Internet is already here and we are excited to be able to bring compelling Powerline solutions to market."

    A Powerline AV-based network system typically comprises of two components: one that bridges a router to an electrical socket, and one like the 4-port TPL-405E that connects to another power outlet located anywhere in a house or office building (while staying on the same electrical system). TRENDnet adapters connect automatically to each other over a secure encrypted signal with no CD installation required. Encryption keys can even be changed simply by pressing the Sync button.

    "LED displays convey device status for easy power management and troubleshooting," the company said in a press release. "Embedded power saving technology lowers power consumption by up to 70-percent in standby mode—resulting in measurable power savings, given that the device is always on."