Well, i was hoping to not have to do this, but since there appears to be quite a few of you in the forum here I figured there couldn't be a better place atm!

CN is in need of at least 1-2 coders. Simple as that. That are things to be done, changes to be made, and progress has been slower than I would like. There is nobody to blame for it. We just need more!

If you are not familiar with CN and were interested then I would ask that you start reading up on the site and at least join (:: Cosa Nostra - Apply for an invite ::) so that you can form an educated opinion. If you are familiar with CN then you already know what you are getting into, the features and potential.

According to the owner we need people who are skilled in these languages or areas...

Preferably tbdev
and Linux

I don't need a full blown resume...Contact me if you think you are interested along with all pertinent information that might impress me or the owner. I am on the t-i irc channel if you have questions as well.