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C# Console Applications - Hello World.

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  • C# Console Applications - Hello World.

    Hey TI

    1 Week ago I began on C# Console Applications, and I would like to know if anyone has some of their first made applications,such as x + x = y and so on, or

    "Choose one of the following 3 hotel rooms"
    x - price pr night
    Y - price pr night
    z - price pr night

    "How many nights would u stay"
    "price total"

    and so on, small console applications like that In case you do may I get em all, would really like to "study" the codes see the differences from my own and so on

    Best regards Henrik1908

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    I think you can look for such samples just by googling it. Each coder will always had their first Hello world experience but to share them that's another story I guess xD


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      i can give u some samples like API's, timers, threads, forms etc, send me pm


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        i can help u with c#, i can give u all my examples code


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          Most of all in magento 2 I like the simple functionality that even a child can understand. Using the website you can purchase a bunch of different ready-made extensions for the site that work just fine and attract customers with design and convenience.


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            Oh, I don't even remember where all my samples are because I used to work with C# a long time ago. Recently, I understood that I wasn't as good as I thought, and I decided to start a new project with because I wouldn't be able to develop anything decent, to be honest, and I'm far away from the specialists.