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Anyone develop in Ruby or Ruby on Rails?

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  • SpaceHole
    I've been wanting to learn Ruby for some time. I remember years ago (2002, or something), a friend of mine stating that Ruby was the best language that he'd ever used, so I was always intrigued.

    Anyway, in 2007 I started a job that gave me some freedom to decide how I wanted to work. Of course, I considered Ruby, but that would have meant telling the boss that we had to move away from the cheap PHP host that they were using, and switch to a more expensive Ruby one, on the grounds that I wanted to learn Ruby on a whim.

    As a result I spent 4 years working on PHP sites, and now I have nothing but contempt for the 'language'.

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  • cantbecool
    started a topic Anyone develop in Ruby or Ruby on Rails?

    Anyone develop in Ruby or Ruby on Rails?

    Hello everyone, I'm curious if anyone on this board developed anything with Ruby or Ruby on Rails? I've developed little things here while working my way through a few books, but what I created is nothing to write home about, though. If you are reading this and have no idea what Ruby or Rails are exactly, here are their wikipedia entries: Ruby Programming language and Ruby on Rails Web Application Framework.