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  • Client Automation

    I'm looking for some technical input on something I've been thinking about, as I don't have any experience with the subject.

    I have a shared slot on a seedbox server, no root access but of couse shell access to my specific directory. I'm wondering about torrent/disk management and how to automate it -- I'd like to be able to have some background scripts running with specific parameters. For example, I'd like to be able to remove torrents and delete files from the directory after a certain ratio or seed time has been met but allow for exceptions, both manual and automated (e.g. if ratio reaches a certain threshold in a certain amount of time, keep seeding as it will likely help build buffer). This is separate (but in addition to) automating downloads (via IRC or RSS) and FTP to my local directories.

    Is this already possible with cron/Flexget? It seems Flexget is more for automating downloads than overall management. As you might guess, I'm looking for a way script the entire process; from auto download to auto rTorrent/Deluge management to auto FTP to auto seedbox file management -- and the ability to add and delete scripts/rules on the fly. Is this solution out and about already? Is it possible without root?

    About me: I'm a neophyte. I'm currently unequipped to do much of anything yet, but I'm looking for some direction so I can start researching and be able to have a productive IRC discussion. I'm a CLI beginner but steadily becoming more efficient. Running ruTorrent over rTorrent and learning to manage it from CLI but soon want to switch to Deluge.

    I know there is a lot of ground to cover here. Just looking for research topics, a general overview of what this process looks like and what I'll need to do. Happy to write a tits tutorial if I ended up implementing.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    Re: Client Automation

    Cron + Pyroscope? both should work fine without root. I don't know what for deluge because I have a bunch of custom scripts for rtorrent :P. But it looks like flexget would be helpful. Luckily running linux you are in the scripting realm so you can toss some cool stuff together with bash+ awk.

    Also if you'd rather not use cron for some reason, most hosts have screen installed, which allows for you to run programs even when you arn't connected to the server.

    QuickStartGuide - pyroscope - How to get started - installation and first steps. - Python Torrent Tools - Google Project Hosting
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      Re: Client Automation

      Originally posted by maltob View Post
      Luckily running linux you are in the scripting realm so you can toss some cool stuff together with bash+ awk.
      This is what I'm hoping for, at least initially -- something quick and easy in bash.

      I'll check it out -- thanks. Could be good to work through now as I'm still on rtorrent.


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        Re: Client Automation

        Idk if you looked much into it, but here's a demonstration of how easy it would be with pyroscope. This code will stop and delete all data from any torrent that has a ratio of above 1.0, has been done for over a day and is uploading slower than 15 kbps. Take out the "--exterminate --yes" and it will print the names of the torrents it would be deleting, PLEASE DO this before running any of mine or your code to be sure it doesn't delete something you want...

        rtcontrol --exterminate --yes ratio=+1 completed=+1d up=-15k
        if you want it to run infinately in a screen(deleting torrents every 10 minutes or 600 seconds)
        while :
        rtcontrol --exterminate --yes ratio=+1 completed=+1d up=-15k
        sleep 600
        Also you can use rtcontrol's tag option to tag torrents as Safe or something. The following example marks all torrents named SuperAwesomeTorrent as Safe.
        ./rtcontrol SuperAwesomeTorrent --tag=+Safe
        Once we do that we can modify our code to leave torrents marks as safe out of the extermination process.
        rtcontrol --exterminate --yes ratio=+1 completed=+1d up=-15k tagged=\!Safe

        --You guys think we should build a tutorial out of this? I feel it could be pretty useful, rtcontrol can even do this based upon the file contents and several other things.
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          Re: Client Automation

          ConfigurationCookbook - Public rTorrent Community Wiki

          Would be nice if I'm not the only one contributing. ;)

          P.S.: For running things every 10 mins, "crontab -e" is more prudent...

          */10 * * * * rtcontrol ...
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            Re: Client Automation

            Thanks, i did not know that recipe book exists, i just saw the ones on the google code wiki.

            Yeah cron is the way to go, I was just hoping by including some bash scripting cochese would want to look more into it.


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              Re: Client Automation

              @maltob - a tutorial would be a godsend for us n00bs out here man! :)