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HTML - Creating a Bing PoD archive website

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  • HTML - Creating a Bing PoD archive website

    I came across this page:,and I would like to create a website that does this just as a learning experience. I could easily create a Windows application that does this but when it comes to creating a website I am stuck.

    My question is how does it go to the bing website and retrieve and save the necessary information on a daily bases:

    picture of the day,
    the copyright info,
    and the tidbits of info that bing displays on top of the picture of the day.

    Also do you guys think that the web designer update this site manually (creating a Windows application that he has to execute daily so it could retrieve the info from bing and saves it, creates a necessary HTML code and publishesit to his website) or do u guys think he designed the website to automatically get info from bing on a daily bases without any sort of supervision. If so, how does on go about coding a websitethat requires no supervision.

    Any input will help; cuz as far as I know I would have to create a Windows application and execute it daily for the site to be up todate.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: HTML - Creating a Bing PoD archive website

    If you have a webserver with cron you can tell it to run a program everyday, like windows scheduled tasks. This would allow for it to run without they owner having to supervise it. Also i'm not sure what you are using to design the windows application, but if you build it well you could run it via mono on linux and osx as well as windows(in case you have a linux server)
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