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  • IRC code request

    Ok, this may sound silly since there are several scripts etc about the place, but I haven't found one that actually does what I want it to do - well I have but it doesn't work very well :(

    So here's the problem, like many other people I am on several different servers, in several different channels (here alone at T-I, I'm lurking on 8 channels) and mIRCs' built in highlight facility highlights me if someone says tank on a server other than TI, which as you can imagine is slightly annoying.

    So what I would like is a script that is channel/server specific and that would only highlight me if a set criteria is met, the criteria being - I must be on that server, in that channel and only highlights if I am using that nick/alt nick.

    For Example:

    TankGirl/TG/Tank is on torrent-invites and I'm also JumpinJack/jumpin/jack on PTN..... if someone says tank on PTN it would NOT highlight me, the same if someone says Jack on TI - however if someone says TG here at TI, it highlights me, echo's the message in the active window and it would be nice if it would play a sound ;)

    I do have the not so reliable highlight code available if someone wishes to look at it to get an idea of what the hell I'm talking about, but as I said, its a bit flakey/temperamental and the interface is somewhat "clunky" - I dont think it was designed with 7.1 in mind ;)

    Any help would be most gratefully received :)

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    Re: IRC code request

    I dont know about mIRC, but for IRSSI this would be a perfect solution!