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Proton CMS - Unlimited tester invites for TI users :)

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  • Proton CMS - Unlimited tester invites for TI users :)

    I did start a thread here about this but this project has branched off in a new direction, so, without further adu, a little intro - please note the signup link is at the bottom of the post :)

    What's Proton?
    Proton is a brand new CMS that plans to be a total website in a box. You want a fully blown website with lots of custom pages? No problem. You want a simple forum? That's ool, just disable a few features. Do you want a private community? Okay, make the site invite only. We hope to make a CMS that incorporates most features of other scripts and popular addons so it's very easy for sites to have everything they need in one package, disable what they dont need with a few clicks then if the site grows in a different direction, with a few clicks you can add brand new features to your site. What's important when reading below to remember is that every feature can be enabled or disabled so if you need one of these features to run your site, you can simply just disable everything else and use Proton to power your single use site.
    When will it be released?
    Stay tuned. Soon we will announce testing and open a forum for people to discuss the script and get updates.
    How did it come about?
    I was making a private community and developed the bare bones of this script which I then realized I could just add most basic features I may ever need to it and make it so I can enable/disable them easily so I can use it across all my sites. As it developed I realized other sites might find use out of this and this Proton was born.

    There's a full feature list at Proton PRERLS • Public blog

    So why are you posting here?
    Well in case anyone is thinking of opening a new site and think there's something you'd need for this to be the script to use, let me know! On top of that, though, it wont be released for a while and i'll need people to help me test it out along the way. So yeah, if you're interested in testing too, let me know.

    edit: Proton PRERLS • Open applications
    Put [email protected] for an e-mail if you want and i'll just PM you an invite code on here, orrr Proton PRERLS • Register

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    Re: Proton CMS - Unlimited tester invites for TI users :)

    Whats it written in? PHP? Wat type of backend DB support is built in?
    What security features do you have in place?
    Have you done a code audit yet?


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      Re: Proton CMS - Unlimited tester invites for TI users :)

      We can't see the features list as it says "open to testers only" on the link you posted. Would be interesting to read this as the description above could use a bit technical detail - like 0xC0FF33 points out you haven't actually told us what language it's written in yet :)


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        Re: Proton CMS - Unlimited tester invites for TI users :)

        PHP and mySQL. I've moved development temporarily to a new site because I am going to use the script live before I release it anyway so yeah, feel free to have a little look around. Here's the link for open registration for T-I users - I did post it but it's changed :P
        Proton PRERLS • Register