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  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

    Sesto Elemento stands for the Sixth Element, which further signifies Carbon, the sixth element in the periodic table.

    And my god this car is just full of carbon.

    Lamborghini has officially announced a Cessation of Horsepower Hostilities: the war is over!

    Today, in a big showroom surrounded by lots of pretty girls and paunchy gentlemen with notepads sits a concept Lamborghini called the Sesto Elemento. It is made entirely of carbon fibre. Carbon, if you were unaware, is the Sesto Elemento on the periodic table: the 'sixth element'.

    This concept signals Lambo's intention to withdraw from the Top Speed War which the world's supercar makers have been embroiled in for some time, and instead focus on something much more doable - power-to-weight.

    As such, this Sesto Elemento gets the Gallardo's 5.2-litre V10 wrung out to 562bhp, but sits on a carbon-fibre body weighing a paltry 999kgs, meaning rocket-powered performance in a go-kart shell. 0-62mph is sliced in just 2.5 seconds, which, as you've guessed, is the same as a friggin' Veyron. Top speed is 'over 186mph'.

    But, says Lambo, "what the figures cannot convey is the Sesto Elemento's razor-sharp handling, voracious turn-in and huge braking power". An understanding of basic physics will tell you this is right. So, so Right.

    The concept gets four-wheel-drive, Lambo's E-Gear auto box and, alongside the extensive carbon fibre, carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), including the insides, which are as spartan as the looks are outrageous.

    We've got the full lowdown and exclusive access to this pivotal moment for one of our favourite carmakers, so check out next month's mag for the full scoop.
    Lamborghini wants to refocus the idea of extreme performance with this. Are they heading in the right direction, or should Lambos be about big power, big speed and big drama?

    Click Here For More Pictures. You Know You Want To! :D
    Its just beautiful!
    Could be better.

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    carbon fiber! interesting! just one thought. given the aerodynamics of said car maker and competitors, only thing that would worry me would be the flipping of the car going at such high speeds. granted, the good old boys (and girls) in the euro auto industry sure show no limits to anything! and's delicious!


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      Do check the Top Gear site. A few more awesome cars have been revealed this time in Paris Motor Show.

      Like the Lotus Five. And Ferrari SA APERTA. God I'm in love with these cars.! :D


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        Is this the same as the Lambo Reventon..?


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          Originally posted by alaconquete View Post
          Is this the same as the Lambo Reventon..?
          No, it was launched in the Paris Motor show, almost a week ago!


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            I would be satisfied with a Porsche Panamera Turbo :D


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              And I bet there won't be such things as a/c, stereo, etc, right?


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                Damn it looks hot

                But you know what? each time that I see a picture of a dream car, or see one in real life, I keep thinking about two facts:

                - I'd never buy any of these cars, I'm more down to earth than that and those car are too flashy for my taste;

                - when I was a kid, everybody thought that by the year 2000 we'd have flying cars all around. What happened to this childhood dream?


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                  Is it just me, or does the Sesto look like the Batmobile lol?

                  Oh, and ubiquit, we do have flying cars... They're just a bit ridiculous haha: [ame=]YouTube - Terrafugia Transition - First Flight Video Press Release[/ame]


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                      the second best car i ever seen the first is BMW M3..:D


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                        it's so beautifull ::::: it's awesome...

                        and this tells everything about Lambo'


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                          Tears... tears of joy. I'm in love. <3


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                            It is weird as hell!


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                              WoW , its very cool i want to drive this car