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Have you ever took part in a car crash / collision / accident or got a ticket?

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  • Have you ever took part in a car crash / collision / accident or got a ticket?

    So.. have you ever caused a crash, collision, accident or been aggrieved this way or another in one? How did that happen? What did you do then / what happened to you later?

    This also includes "ALMOST" situations as they can also be interesting.

    I hope you didn't kill anyone, pirates! But if you did and regret it and feel like sharing it, you're welcome..

    If not, then at least tell about your tickets ;) - how many and what for?


    I'll tell you 'bout mine later on as I have to go now ;]


    *"taken part" of course.. my bad

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    I had an accident with my motocycle. A stupid guy thought that it is funny to jump in front of me. I missed him and fold down and ripped my arm in 4 places.


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      Sounds pretty bad. You one-track riders seem not to have easy life with car drivers.


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        I was in the back seat of a car in a car crash, not a nice experience even though I came out laughing


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          Was in a car accident in a friends car on halloween lol


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            I once experienced an almost crash experience up front.
            There was this guy on a motor cycle who cut in front of another car on the freeway. The car made like a 720 spin. I think the woman who was driving was either very lucky or a skilled driver. The bastard who drove the motor cycle drove away.


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              Ive never been in a car crash but ive gotten multiple tickets ;\ mostly speeding


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                Bah, I've two tickets. Both for speeding, even though I really wouldn't call it that. If I were speeding, you would know.

                Two collisions of which I was only a passenger.


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                  Eh, kinda. I ran into the back of a coke


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                    I've got over 40 pull-over's on my record, only 3 turned into tickets, all 3 were reduced to non-moving violations.

                    Been in 1 accident, it was bad bad bad, and my stupid hyundai tiburon air bags never went off. The car was totalled beyond belief and I got a decent settlement from the state because the accident was caused by a backup of water in a sewer drain that flooded the road. No fun.


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                      A while back I got a parking ticket :( I parked in a parking lot when the park I was at was closed, so I got a nice $40 ticket.


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                        Yes. One Crash And pulled over twice.

                        First - I was parking and it was raining. I reversed a little too far and destroyed the grill of some guys ford. I have a Mitsubish L200 Pickup. Stonger that a Brick wall. And i never got caught. sad thing is i never had a lisence i was only 16. I parked somewhere else...far aways from that

                        Second - i was in michigan (my first time in the US) it was just this January. I was driving back to my hotel at 4 in the morning with my dad (dead asleep) Blizzard and all. Cop Pulls me over But no ticket. Just making sure cuz i was the only car on the road.

                        Third - same week as the "Second Incident". In the middle of detroit i get pulled over(agian) and this time it was becuase of our rental car had its registration from tennesse and it was a year off. I think it was becuase i had on this thug hat, the spanish thugs in LA wear along with the old plates the car had. So he askes for my liscence and i give him. Cuz i am from belize its a weird looking liscene. so he askes me for another peice of identification. i give him my highschool ID.(crappy peice of plastic) he says "sir you school id looks more legit that you drivers liscense" and he starts to laught and i say it is legit. then he goes on to say that it lookes home made. and i said yah it does. and he let me go without a ticket...:D
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                          I currently have 3 speeding tickets and one improper left turn on my record. I get two off in november and the other 2 in febuary. I have had countless more speeding tickets. most of them were reduced to non moving violations.

                          I have been in a couple wreck. The most memoriable one was while i was working. I was driving a fuel truck with pup across a brigde under contruction. A young girl tried to speed up and cut me off before her lane ended. Her rear tire caught my passanger fender turned her infront of me. i pushed 200 ft before i was able to stop. I didnt get a ticket she was not her but learned never to cut a truck off. The car was totaled and my bumper was bent a little.


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                            no accidents or tickets...just a fine for leaving a derelict vehicle on public property. :( my car's rear suspension froze in december and gave out...took me a while to find replacement parts and i got the fine. LAME.


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                              I crashed into the house of a girl I was seeing whilst trying to get out of her back garden. That was kind of embarrassing.

                              I don't have any points on my license and have never had a ticket, though. And strangely enough, I have three years no claims too!