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    Originally posted by Spabako View Post
    It'll be interesting how this "tire test" of Mercedes and Pirelli plays out, but in my opinion it's clearly against the rules. Probably a couple of weeks until we find out what really happens.

    It's also quite entertaining to see how desperately Mercedes is trying to establish that this was not a secret test by no means, but neither them nor Pirelli has said a word about it before it surfaced.
    Also Paul Hembery said in an interview that it'd be a dream to test with a team with a current car and with a current driver, but "I’m not sure if that’s ever going to happen.”(Paul Hembery)
    This was said on Thursday in Monaco, just a day before the discussion about the test began. As we now know, just such a test has taken place 10 days earlier, so that's clearly a lie there. There is something really suspicious..
    Wonder if there was any FIA officials confirming that Mercedes did not run new parts on the car. Or will they just take their world for it? Teams would probably cheat anywhere they could to gain an advantage over the others, so taking the word of someone should not be a possibility.. Or anything else, even that they had a 1000km more data than anyone else has surely helped tremendously them...Can't even imagine what's gonna happen, but they have gained an unfair advantage by running their 2013 car, so there surely needs to be some kind of sanction. Maybe an exclusion from this year's championship? Too harsh? But what else? Will the FIA let everyone else have a 1000km test too and make Mercedes stand by? This all is just really weird..

    Adam Cooper's F1 blog is a great place to look for new information on this, I recommend you check it out if you are interested in this matter: Adam Cooper's F1 Blog | Just another weblog

    It definitely is against the regs, if they didn't have prior permission from the FIA. The folks at Mercedes were stating that they did have buy in from FIA officals to test with the 2013 car. The FIA doesn't want more de-lamination's and they've been carrying a big stick when it comes to safety this past decade (at sponsors requests as well). I anticipate there will be a hefty fine or perhaps point penalties if the test wasn't FIA sanctioned, not sure about being excluded from the championship (drivers or mfg). If the FIA did approve they are going to have an angry mob of teams to deal with but, it would be a mess they created. If this were they case I see 1000km test in all teams future.

    In either case the FIA will make a ruling and we will see. We never get a year lately with out the FIA getting involved with a ruling

    Thanks for that link I'm going to check it out.

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    Originally posted by mupppet View Post
    The car's are definately getting closer and closer, maybe this is due to the tyre's I don't know, and it's alot better when a season is close and it run's right to the end to find out who the winner will be. The race's where I turned the TV off through boredom were just when they do 20laps and nothing change's, they won't take the risk's because of the penality's it may or may not incur if they mess it up. They are very talented driver's and hat's off to them for having the balls to do it, but to me it's much more like watching Nascar. Haha I am going to rustle a few feather's with that comment, but have you ever played with scalextric car's. Nothing much happen's for 15 minute's then bang some action and then you are back to nothing again. Eh I won't post again here because like I said I got bored of it, and I know there are die hard fan's and I don't want to piss you lot off
    LOL... there are no hard feeling man... post all you want. They'll be no censorship here and if you ruffle some feathers that allows for better dialog and different view points. Thanks for sharing your view....


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      WTH happened to our speed?.

      Now 3 weeks of wait!. DAMN!.


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        Awesome thread! Kudos for posting the listings too. I've started to feel very lonely being an F1 fan in the US, but luckily I found this!


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          ok I was away for a short while vacationing so, missed out on 2 race updates but, they are now up and running..... sorry for the delay!


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            Has anyone noticed that every damn race has a note underneath it regrading penalties?.


            Only German and Hungarian have no notes in Qualifying.


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                Shell Pakistan.