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    Originally posted by kooltilldend View Post
    i know jack abt cars but if some1 laughed at me abt it (and i mean in a mocking way)...he'd get a punch str8 up his face lol
    Good Advice xD


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      all you need i s google and you can become a mechanic lol


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        sadly most men know their way around a car better then a kitchen :(

        or a womans body for that matter :)


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          I knew nothing about cars till 2 years ago , started helping the bro after work , he now has his own garage and i work their , things i do now i would never attempted last year , its funny hwo quick you can pick things up ill never need to ask why my car makes noises anymore, as i think i can diagnose it confidently , ont be annoyed , get out there and get stuck in , its not as daunting as it seems after a while


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            i don't know too much about cars,but i do understand the basic mechanics because it was necessary at my theoretical test


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              I love cars

              I can fix anything that my tools can offer. I can do brakes, oil changes, water pump, timing belt, alternator, the works. I have been modding and decking my cars when I got first my license. I can also install aftermarket sound systems and speakers. I do look down on them sometimes if they dont know how, I just give a quick smirk. Lol!


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                Re: For people who know nothing about cars.

                you can register on cirtain forums to learn stuff. or READ READ READ books


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                  Don't know much, and at the moment, don't want to know more, as soon as I can't afford the mechanic anymore, that might change!


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                    There's not a lot you need to know to get started.

                    First, the front of the engine is the side with pulleys. It is generally NOT the side that at the front of the car.

                    Second, get, and learn to use, torque wrenches. (You'll probably need at least 2, maybe 3, depending on the range of torques required.)

                    Third, screw all those auto-store car repair manuals. Get a Factory Service Manual for your car, or go home.

                    Fourth, take pictures/video as you go to help you get things back together.

                    Last, use automotive forums to get help diagnosing your problems.

                    That's pretty much it. The genuine Factory Service Manuals (FSMs) will give you step by step instructions that are hard to screw up.


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