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  • cheap airfare finder

    This site is awesome for finding cheap airfare. Airfare Deals - Cheap Flights - Airfarewatchdog if you sign up you can make it so it emails you the cheapest flights to wherever from the airports closest to you!

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    Re: cheap airfare finder

    Yeah, that's a decent site.

    My favourites though are:

    ITA Software

    Fortune and love favour the brave .-. Ovid ....


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      Re: cheap airfare finder

      The following two sites are tops!

      The first by
      Michael Bluejay covers many simple strategies while recommending the best sites for airfare bargains and supplies links to all sites mentioned.

      The second,
      Yapta, is a great site and may be unique. It not only sends email alerts when prices drop as other sites do, but it helps you get a refund on a ticket you already paid for if the price drops later.

      Hope this info helps you
      adopt the best strategy for you and saves you money on airfare!

      Top 10 Tips for getting the Cheapest Airfare

      #1 Be flexible with your travel dates.
      #2 Book at least two weeks ahead, preferably three.

      #3 Staying over Saturday no longer necessary.

      #4 Fly mid-week if you can.

      Using neighboring airports sometimes gets you cheaper airfares.
      Always check the round-trip price even if you're flying one-way.
      Avoid busy holiday dates
      #8 Book multi-city trips using the special search

      For U.S. to Europe, fly to London first
      Use the proper website to search for airfare

      Which website to use
      U.S. FlightsInternational flights If your travel dates are super-flexible, try
      Travelocity or Orbitz.
      For semi-flexible or specific-date U.S. flights, use
      Kayak & Southwest.
      For international flights, use
      Kayak, Momondo and Mobissimo.

      If you need cheap airfares at the last minute
      For all other domestic flights (within the U.S.)
      Special deals for traveling as a courier:
      Best search engines for:
      International flights
      Regional sites
      U.S. to Hawaii:
      (In 2009, their RT fare from Calif. 1 week in advance was $255 compared to $855 on Kayak!)

      U.S. to Caribbean/Mexico:
      U.S. to/from Canada:
      Air Canada & Alaska Air
      Canada to everywhere:
      Sears Travel
      Australia to Australia:
      Fare Hunter
      Search Engines compared
      For flexible travel dates
      Exit Rows
      Don't fly United

      Yapta: Track flight prices and check for airline refunds

      Track flight prices BEFORE you buy
      Yapta email alerts let you know when prices drop and when to buy to save money on airfare.

      Get airline refunds AFTER you buy
      If the price of your flight drops below what you paid, Yapta helps you get a refund for the difference.
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        Re: cheap airfare finder

        KAYAK - Cheap Flights, Hotels, Airline Tickets, Cheap Tickets, Cheap Travel Deals - Compare Hundreds of Travel Sites At Once is another quick and easy one.


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          Re: cheap airfare finder

          hipmunk makes it super easy to book flights.

          but if you really want to save money, sign for the credit card deals that give you 50k or 75k frequent flyer miles and get free airplane tickets.


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            Thanks for the tips. I was only using Orbitz and Priceline before.


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                Originally posted by xypon View Post
                also cool site to tray !! good one


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                  You are lucky that I saw this topic. I just bought cheap las vegas flights not long ago and I can advise you to book your tickets in advance with a reliable service. So that you do not worry about your flight later. How hard are you going? Or are you going to fly to another state?