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Anyone else watching Final Space?

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  • Anyone else watching Final Space?

    Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone else had checked out or given a chance to Final Space by Olan Rogers, and produced by Conan O'brien on TBS. I didn't know much about Olan Rogers before this series, but there's something so earnest and original about the series thus far. It can be a little bombastic at times, but I've really started to enjoy it more and more (especially once you get past the initial behavior of Gary, the main character--I promise, his character does get better). The animation quality and art design is really top notch. If you're looking for a scifi animation that falls somewhere between Futurama and Rick & Morty you may want to check it out.

    Right now it's streaming on TBS and the first episode is available on Youtube.

    If you're watching it, let me know what you think!