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    For those that have seen this, what are your thoughts? Where do you think the largest failings of this translation are? Do you feel that it was without merit, or did you find some redeeming value in the translation?

    I think the failures started early on, such as with Ryuk encouraging Light to make the world he wants to make, rather than this being Light's idea and plan. I think this both undermined Light's character and made Ryuk less relatable as the view through whom we witness Light's story.

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    I thought about checking this out since I loved the anime, but I mean has there ever been an anime-to-live-action adaptation that was actually good? I heard the Ghost in the Shell live action movie sucked...


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      Constant adaptations from Netflix are already a little boring. They have a good streaming service, but their content is not what it used to be.


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        I fundamentally disagree with you. You may not have seen the best Netflix projects. I've reinterpreted whole genres for myself like horror movies on Netflix which I used to think were crap other than Hitchcock movies. Try to see not only what is being advertised, netflix sponsored a lot of cool indie films that are much more interesting than the ones that make the award lists.


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            Just stay away from it , it will ruin the anime for you lol