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Do you know Mamoru Hosoda ?

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  • Do you know Mamoru Hosoda ?

    If you do , well , you've got good taste .
    If not , lucky you ! You're about to discover one of the greatest film director and animator from Japan .
    He has run multiples films as director since the beginnig of his carreer but it's really with the release of his "first" original film that he made his name known through the world , winning lots of prizes .
    Since , he release 3 other films which have confirmed his talent .
    So , yes I love what he do and I'm not much a critic for his work , but I'm quite confident saying his movies are a must-see . At least you have to try one beginnig with Toki o kakeru sh˘jo .

    Give it a try , it is worth it .

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    Nice find, and yes I have to agree, he's a wonderful director as well as animator. I truly miss those days popping up to the tv and watching a good DB episode or two. :P

    I would say he's niche with recent time, but everyone should know him one way or another. hehe :P


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      I'd have picked the same work as a showcase of his talent. Love that film.

      It will be interesting to see if he can recapture his form. I've been somewhat disappointed by the two films he's produced "solo". Can't help but think that some people work better under a little creative constraint from a studio.


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        What films do you refer to ? I assume there is Bakemono no ko but for the other one I don't know whether it's Ame and Yuki or Summer war since they were both produced by Madhouse Studio .


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          Originally posted by Allaster View Post

          What films do you refer to ? I assume there is Bakemono no ko but for the other one I don't know whether it's Ame and Yuki or Summer war since they were both produced by Madhouse Studio .
          That's not how I understand it.

          Studio Chizu is Hosoda's own production company. Summer Wars was the last of Hosoda's completely Madhouse productions. They co-produced Ame and Yuki with Studio Chizu. Bakemono was entirely a Studio Chizu production.

          Or have I got it all horribly backwards?


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            No no you got it quite right , Ame and Yuki is a joint production between the Madhouse and Chizu studios . I'm more surprised that you don't see Ame and Yuki as the creative continuation of his work . I understand that Bakemono no ko don't carry the same passion or intensity as it has been produced to be more accessible for children . But Ame and Yuki is more related to Toki o kakeru sh˘jo in the intention than Summer wars .
            It's not a critic just my opinion and I don't want to rank his movie . ^^


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              If we all had the same opinion, it'd be a lot easier to make popular films, no?


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                It certainly will be boring . It's just I'm curious about your feelings toward that film , it's interesting to have other point of view


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                  OK. Well, visually, the film is stunning. I have no problems with either that or the musical scroe. It's the story and the voice acting that are just... Insipid? It's not bad. It just seems so limited and two dimensional. The tale is just too simple and it moves forwards like it's on Hollywood rails. Maybe that's a play to get to a wider audience?

                  I was also very disappointed in the ending. As the plot "develops" (i.e. moves mindlessly forwards), I was expecting the end to provide some sort of theme about the duality of us all using the wolf/man metaphor for our own complex natures and the many aspects of self that we all have to come to terms with. It just seemed limp that Hosoda left me with the feeling that he was saying you just have to choose a path and discard the others.

                  I suppose there was some hint about the role of parents and a responsibility to help children make choices but there was little there about perhaps helping them to make the best or most informed choices.

                  It's just not very rich for me. Certainly not in the way that The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was. That I can watch again and again but Ame and Yuki has stayed in its case...


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                    Good Thank you , that's a critic I've never read before , and it offer a view I Never considered before . As for the voice acting , I've not thought about this a second . For me it's secondary at the least , and it didn't bothered me at all . I'd say in most of the animes I've seen I've never really thought about that ,and I've seen quite a lot . Guess i'll try to take a little more attention to it . It's true some tv animes or movies have characters with annoying voice sometimes but ... maybe i'm good public int that matter .
                    For Ame and Yuki I think that goes well with me .
                    For the story however , I liked it a lot . I can see why it seems pretty simple to you but I think it's its great force. It is a good yet simple story in his flow but which support the feelings of the protagonists the best way possible . The movie is a slice of life and how goes life for that family a little special , the wolf change is not really that important to me .
                    I was moved by the mood in the movie , maybe the fact I have kids played a role but not so sure .
                    Maybe I wasn't expecting anything about the story and so wasn't kind of disapointed ?
                    Thanks for your opinion , it's always a pleasur to discuss about some great animes


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                      Nope, never heard about it.


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                        Mamoru Hosoda is one great of an animator , i love all of his work and i am looking forward to all his future projects he will be involved in .