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  • Comic Suggestions for a Newbie

    I have never really been into comics/graphic novels but it has always interested me. When I was younger I simply could not afford them. Since the wonderful creation of torrents and what not I have been thinking about getting into it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of a graphic novel that is post-apocalyptic and/or dystopian? Like Fallout but a comic if that makes any sense. The idea of scavenging in a time like that intrigues me.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) (zombies are welcome but the more variety the better).

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    If you like zombies, The Walking Dead is probably one of, if not the best zombie series ever.

    Y: The Last Man is the absolute best post-apocalyptic series ever. It's about this guy Yorrick that survives an event in which every male dies in one instant. Highly recommended.

    The Invisibles is a good dystopian type of story. It was the basis for the Matrix films.

    DMZ is another interesting story.

    That's off the top of my head.


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      Some other zombie comics:

      ZombieWorld: Champion of the Worms - written by Mike Mignola (Hellboy)

      Marvel Zombies - Marvel characters become zombies, nuff said.

      Zombie Highway - Not read this one myself but I've heard good things.

      Post apocalyptic comics:

      Crossed - by Garth Ennis, also contains zombies. It's brutal and shocking but with a suprising amount of heart

      Sweet Tooth - Again, not read it myself but meant to be good.

      Wasteland - possibly the closest to Fallout

      Frankly though, I'd agree with Purgatorl11. Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man and DMZ are amongst the best comics of any genre so pick them up first.

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        I am going to have download all of those. I hope I can find them on MyA otherwise I will need a new tracker just for that. :)


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          Originally posted by DrizztDoUrden View Post
          I am going to have download all of those. I hope I can find them on MyA otherwise I will need a new tracker just for that. :)
          MyA definitely has Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man. Not sure about the others. And I know ComicBT has Crossed.


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            Originally posted by otis View Post
            MyA definitely has Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man. Not sure about the others. And I know ComicBT has Crossed.

            Sounds good to me. I will have to look into ComicBT, their invite system through IRC is a bit flawed, waited almost 2hours for a response to my interview before I had to leave for work. I will have to look into it again later. :)


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              I Am A Hero is a really nice zombie manga and a lot of it is scanlated and available online. Art is creepy as f*** if you like that in your zombie comics (there are a lot of samples on google) and the story is nice and grim with rare examples of dark humour. Just a heads up, the zombie part doesn't start until about one volume in.


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                Boom studios put out a series based on 28 Days Later that was pretty decent (It's just called 28 Days Later). I agree that Walking Dead and Y are pretty much the best place to start though.

                Also, if you remember that TV show Jeremiah, it was based on a French comic book by the same name. I've read a few of them and they were pretty good, but a lot of them weren't translated into English. I think Dark Horse is actually releasing them as a series in English for the first time right now: Jeremiah Omnibus Vol. 2 HC :: Profile :: Dark Horse Comics. I can't find any scans though (I'm also not on comicBT yet).

                Also, there's always Tank Girl (not sure that really counts though).


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                  Marvel comics are the best bet to start for a newbie


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                    I know just the thing:
                    Great Pacific-from Image comics.
                    Image Comics | Great Pacific #1

                    I am a hero, is also very nice.


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                      Lady Death is a very dark apocalyptic type of comic. I am not sure if they are still producing episodes, but some of the old ones rocked.
                      She was white skinned, white haired, with huge titties and very tiny bikinis. I liked it a lot during puberty :D


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                        If you are looking into Graphic Novels then:

                        The Watchmen (Alan Moore)
                        The Dark Knightn Returns (Frank Miller)
                        Grendel (Matt Wagner)
                        Sandman Vol 1 - 10 (Neil Gaiman)

                        Just to name a few...


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                          well i think
                          might be a great start, since I kinda got into graphic novels thanks it. It also deals with "distopian future" and "apocalypse", but different than what u might eb looking for.
                          It is considered one of the best graphic novels of ALL TIME, if not the best.
                          Anyone who says of him/herself "I m a graphic novels fan" HAS to check it out.

                          Watchmen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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                            I can also recommend The Walking Dead, I've just completed the whole series to date and it was a great read with some great twists and shocks. I'm in a similar boat, I was drawn into Comics by TWD and now I've formed a mild obsession! I've enjoyed the Saga series so far, and Jupiter's Legacy looks like quite good with a real Gen Y spin to it.

                            Get on to too, there are tonnes of articles and reviews there that will help greatly with content discovery.

                            If your on Windows look at for Android users I recommend Perfect Viewer.


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                              Really? No one has suggested "Locke & Key" yet!

                              This series was my intro to graphic novels and it was a perfect beginner series. The last two issues are coming out this year too, so if you start now, you'll be able to get Vol. 6 when it comes out.

                              It is written by Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) & Gabriel Rodriguez is a fantastic artist - the art is very "new age" comic style. The story follows a grief stricken family who moves into Keyhouse, an old mansion that contains many mysterious keys. Each of these keys has a different ability. They soon learn that there are other people (and forces) interested in these keys.