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  • Good Documentaries???

    I am beginning to really get in to documentary films. Can anyone suggest some good ones? I've just seen Exit out the gift shop and King of Kong, and that documentary about the crossword puzzles. All pretty pretty good.

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    I thought Man on Wire was an excellent documentary.


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      The elegance of universe is a good one.


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        cool I'll check them out!


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          i was gonna suggest wordplay, buy you said you watched that.

          there's supposed to be one out by johnny knoxville (i know what you're thinking) about Detroit. as someone who used to live near Detroit i'm really excited to watch it. the trailer/teaser looked great.


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            Personally, I really like the Universe series. Informative and not too complicated. Manages to get its point across even if you are not science minded
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              If you have ever heard of Top Gear, or Jeremy Clarkson, or James may..

              Jeremy Clarkson has 2 documentary series out that are really good, Inventions that changed the world. The Episodes are the Computer, the Gun, the Television, and the Jet Engine.

              Also Jeremy Clarkson has a 6 part series out called "Speed" it is about the legitimate need for speed, why and how humans go fast, from racing at 200mph, to flying a fighter pilot..he even puts his elderly mother on a rollercoaster to show how seretonin effects people.

              James May has 2 series out, James May's 20th Century which is about various technological changes throughout the past century, from space travel to the invention of the teenager.

              James May also has "James May's Toy Stories" which is one of my favorites, and if you grew up before everything was digitized, you'll remember some of these things.

              The First part in the series is about plastic models, and James may gets a group of young elementary schoolers to build a life size plastic model of a Spitfire, he builds an entire house out of legos, the longest scalextric track in the world for racing H:O cars, all in all its a good documentary about growing up in the past.

              If you're looking for more serious documentaries, Brian Cox has tons about quantam, nuclear, and theoretical physics. :001_smile:


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                Jungle Trip <---- Click

                Lost in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, there is a vine that is said to talk to humans, giving an understanding to the secrets of life. The custodians of this plant are the medicine men, or shamans. The divine does not give up its’ secrets easily. It appears the botany of the plant is only half the story. To know it fully, you must experience its’ effects. Ever since he discovered.

                Its very good documentary ;)


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                  dont waste your time watching Michael Moore crap.


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                    check out "My big TOE" (theory of everything), may be hard to find though, but def worth the search!


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                      I'm also into docs. These are some of my favorites:

                      The Cove (won the Oscar this year)
                      Go Tigers
                      Devil's Playground
                      Dark Days
                      The Corporation
                      Paradise Lost
                      Paradise Lost 2
                      Capturing the Friedmans
                      Fog of War
                      Jesus Camp
                      Hell House
                      Atomic Cafe
                      Gimme Shelter
                      Bigger, Faster, Stronger
                      It Might Get Loud
                      Hoop Dreams
                      The Thin Blue Line
                      Triumph of the Nerds

                      That should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!


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                        traces of death is a shockumentary and not fake like faces of death.warning not for the faint of heart!


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                          I'm not sure if this qualifies, but Planet Earth (you gotta get the high def one) is really quite entertaining. The shots are both unbelievable and breathtaking.


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                            I haven't watched many documentaries, but I found Exit Through The Gift Shop to be fantastic! One could also call this a mockumentary, but you could really argue either way. The movie pretty much documents street artists like the Obey guy, and the wildly popular British street artists Banksy. Even if you aren't into street art, the movie is so funny and captivating that you'll end up finishing the movie after minute one!


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                              Food inc. The film examines corporate farming in the U.S. concluding that agribusiness produces food that is unhealthy.
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