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Two Year Old Child Has a 2 Pack a Day Addiction

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  • Two Year Old Child Has a 2 Pack a Day Addiction

    A disturbing video found on the Internet shows a 2 year old child smoking cigarettes like a pro. Apparently, the child has a 40 cigarette a day addiction, and throws temper tantrums when denied his fix. According to MSNBC, the Indonesian government has offered to buy the family a car, if they can make their child stop smoking.

    My question is - how difficult is it to not give a child cigarettes, FFS? Yes, he will experience withdrawals, and yes it will suck for both the child AND the parents during the two week period that he experiences those symptoms, but isn't it worth it? Can you imagine the devastation that is being wrought on this poor baby's body! I really hope that Child Protective Services gets wind of this and does something because parents like that should not allowed to be parents. That is just sick.

    Video here:
    Ardi Rizal: 2 Years Old, Certified Smoker! | Testing It Up €“ Drug & Health Testing News €“ Test Country Blog

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    2 years old? jeez, kids now days.

    The family shouldn't have much trouble at all since he's only 2 years old. Just put him in a crib and he can't do anything. He'll whine and cry, but he'll fall asleep eventually.

    Giving the kid any more will just kill him even faster. I agree with you on this Jen, how could the parents even thing about doing this to their kids. Its their fault the kid got addicted, and they should get punished. But I guess humiliation on the internet is more than enough punishment, huh?


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      To be honest, why should the Indonesian government be offering any kind incentive to bribe the parents to help the child stop smoking? Yes, it's a problem. however, I do not believe we should be rewarding the parents for their effort. I'm not accusing them of being the cause of the child's addiction, but throwing a car at the parents is not an upfront solution. If they truly love their child, and stated in the article they said they tried to get him to stop, then they would of tried everything already. A car makes no difference between smoking and not smoking. I do hope child protection services really does steps in on this one.

      Well that was my rant for the government, now the serious question. To give a child a cigarette over in any first world country is just crazy. We have good laws in place to hinder any smoking under the legal age. (I say hinder because some people under 18 still smoke.) Still some cultures do have kids smoke as a way of life. But like Jenna said ffs, he's 2 years old! He goes through "20 cigarettes a day"! I wish there was a tougher policy for children and drugs. I'm curious who gave him a cigarette to begin with? Still in my personal opinion it shouldn't be that hard to take charge and say no. I'm sure when the kid pouts he'll run out of steam soon, they always do.

      When I was two years old, I didn't ask for cigarettes. I asked for apple juice :D
      Retired and happy :)


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        It was his father who gave him his first cigarette - he was 18 months old at the time. So I do blame the parents for his addiction, they are the ones who began this madness. And yes I agree Synth - throwing a car at them is not the best solution. They should be threatened with jail time, not rewarded for such disgusting behaviour.

        Also, he's going through 40 cigarettes a day, not 20. Sick, isn't it.


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          Thats just disgusting, people like that shouldnt be parents. Completely agree with you when you say that they shouldnt be throwing a car at them..I mean yeah its incentive for them to get the kid to stop. But its almost like rewarding them for doing it at the same time.
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            Wow thtas wierd i saw this in the Sun news paper some time last week carnt remember what day but how could your parents let a 2 year old child smoke 40 cigs a day that is just wrong


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              Just shows the immaturity of the parents..Dont think they are sane enough to take care of a kid..I mean who in the world would let his 2 yr kid have a cig and that too now he is addicted.They should be punished or threatened in a appropriate way so that others dont ever try to repeat such a heinous experiment..I pity that kid who doesnt have any idea what he is doing.


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                lol a 2 year old smoking, maybe its just a way to raise money and draw publicity. But damn 2 years old lmao


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                  thats really bad, i mean teenagers smoke which is bad enough but 2 years old!?!? thats just really badd :(


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                    Funny thing is when I read the first post and was just about to go watch the video, the news show I'm watching while browsing T-I simultaneously suddenly reported this scoop about what we're talking about hear. Great coincidence.

                    On to the topic, it's a very very sad thing. 2 yrs old and already smoking? What's worse is 2 packs a day? Jeez! What's wrong with people nowadays? Especially the kid's parents! How immature and stupid can they be!? Then they say that they can't make the kid stop because of tantrums? Well, suck it up dad! It's your fault in the first place, not the kid's.

                    I also agree that a car is not a solution to this problem. How about the gift of immeasurable jail time? I also wish that the poor kid be given immediate help and attention that the parents seemingly failed to give. I really feel sorry for the kid. Again, sad, sad news.

                    Imma share also, when I was two, I wasn't asking for cigarettes, nor apple juice. What I want back then are crayons .


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                      :001_tongue:I agree, they shouldn't let the government be in control and give them what they want to make that kid stop smoking. If they did, Im going to raise my SON SMOKING MARAJUANA! AND THEN THE GOVERMENT CAN SAY, HEY ILL GIVE YOU FTN IF YOU CAN STOP YOUR SON FROM SMOKING MARUAJUANA! Then I be a happy camper! :001_tongue:


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                        Surely this is some sort of child abuse.

                        i am a smoker and i would never dream of giving my child a ciggy to smoke, what on earth was his father thinking, why should the goverment buy them a car if he stops its like say heres a reward for your bad parenting, i mean would you say to a criminal here have a car if you stop i don't think so.

                        People like that should not be parents.


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                          well i think it is the age at which the child wont even realize what is cigarette but this guy is the don.


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                            ^^ What do you mean, the guy is the don?


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                              what a shame !
                              this is his father's mistake , I don't believe myself how could he give his 2 years
                              old son a cigarette ... and where the hell is his mother?
                              they should suffer in jail for what they've done for this poor kid ... he might think cigarettes are kinda sweat or something :D

                              People like that should not be parents.
                              totally agree, we should make a campaign to them like " please If you are going to treat your children like this , better use condoms:( "
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