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Welcome to Torrent-Invites! The Official T-I Welcome Thread!

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  • Hello all. I admit I was a bit intimidated to post an introduction at first. I joined like 3 weeks ago and finally just said "screw it". got repped in immediately just yesterday.
    Missing since March 3rd: If anyone has heard from our Japanese friend Oki, and knows if he is okay, please PM JustJenna. Thank you.


    • Hello everyone. Thank you for accepting me into such a reputable and welcoming community. I can't wait to get to know everyone and enjoy this forum.


      • Great to be part of T-I community , a big thank you to trevor88 for repping me in..

        Thanks to Trevor for repping me in

        I dont have any GAs open. If you want invites to any of the trackers listed below, see me in T-I irc :-D :PTM::RHL


        • Thank you everyone for accepting me into your exculsive community. I feel extremely priveleged and honored to be apart of T-I. I want to especially thank diegocross because without his rep I would not be able to be here today.

          I look forward the great days which lie ahead of us all. Thanks again.


          • Whats up T-I? My names bagel, and I want to thank you all for letting me in to your awesome community. A big debt of gratitude goes to my man trevor88 for repping me in. Let the games begin!


            • Hi Everyone i am happy to join this site and hope i enjoy here


              • Hey Everyone! Thanks for accepting me into your community! A big Thanks goes to Trevor88 for repping me in!


                • Welcome in our great community!
                  Share your invites, take a part in discussions, talk on irc, fill the requests :001_smile:
                  Have a nice day! See ya' around! :001_smile:


                  • Originally posted by JkDillinja View Post
                    Welcome in our great community!
                    Share your invites, take a part in discussions, talk on irc, fill the requests :001_smile:
                    Have a nice day! See ya' around! :001_smile:
                    Couldn't have said it better. Nice to see so many new people joining everyday.
                    Welcome everybody :)


                    • Hey everyone. My name is David and im glad to join this awesome community. On this occasion i would like to thank Trevor88 for repping me in.


                      • Hello everyone, thanks for accepting me, you won't regret, i am glad to be a part of this forum :)


                        • Hey everyone, just found this site yesterday, and already repped in thanks to Mercer. Glad to join this community.


                          • Heartiest Welcome to all New Members! :)


                            Hello all! :001_smile:

                            I'm Mackenna and on behalf of all members of the T-I family, I would like to congratulate you all and welcome you to the T-I family's Circle of Trust, in a few words ...Here goes!

                            Welcome to the T-I family!

                            Congratulations for making it through!
                            I'm sure it was all an exciting ride!
                            With all the intros, tests and site proofs
                            You've surely by all the rules did abide!

                            So, welcome to the T-I family!
                            It's great to have you on-board!
                            And before I forget, let me say
                            A quick thank-you prayer to the Lord!

                            Now that you're in-all Happy and excited,
                            I also want you to know that we care!
                            So here are a few facts and pointers,
                            That I would like with you all to share!

                            It's a great place-the T-I family
                            with everyone so caring and kind.
                            With their generosity, trust and love,
                            They do all members gracefully bind.

                            You'll see members wanting to help you,
                            at the very instant you stop and ask!
                            With passion and zeal that is second to none
                            And that too without any masks.

                            Their constant endeavor towards excellence,
                            Will make your heart fill with pride!
                            And their selfless acts and contributions
                            Will inspire you to by higher values abide..

                            There are many helpful tutorials,
                            That the team has with sweat & toil compiled.
                            It may resolve your query and most of your doubts,
                            And would keep things from going "Wild!"

                            Although I'm pretty new here,
                            And I'm learning the ropes myself!
                            I've learnt that it pays to read the rules first,
                            Before crying aloud for help!

                            There are many interesting threads,
                            in the forums that you can read,
                            And participate with full excitement,
                            Bearing good fruits for your good deeds!

                            So, take care and enjoy your stay here,
                            I know you'll do just great!
                            and remember if you ever need anything,
                            Just ask and don't leave it to fate!

                            Best Wishes,


                            Last edited by mackenna; September 9, 2010, 08:50 AM.
                            If you liked someone's post, Hit Thanks!
                            Better yet, Add to their positive Reputation!
                            Remember:The Secret to Living is Giving :001_smile:
                            & TankGirl for so much!


                            • Hello! New member here too! :)


                              • Howdy guys I'm Brian from the US. glad to be here and can't wait to become a better part of the community!!