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  • Hi new guy here and a fugitive from TvTorrents where i amassed terabytes of ratiopoints only to see it vanish into thin air.
    Anywho its just nice to find this site and I have gotten started over the weekend on a new tracker and I am blazing a trail
    back to terabyte heaven .


    • hi everyone, i am a music collector and somewhat-reformed vinyl junkie, and i found T-I after someone suggested i explore the world of private trackers. I am not new to file sharing or torrenting, but the idea of a private tracker is new and interesting to me. T-I seems like a great place to learn, the community here looks pretty awesome, and I love the moderator participation and overall positive vibe of the site.


      • Hi There !

        Only few days here and just wow ! every ppl i had contact with was helpfull, kind, and smiling :) its a real pleasure to join the community !
        the community already help me a lot, so the less i can do is trying my best to help the community too ;)

        Cheers !!!


        • Welcome [MENTION=320796]Olivier1980[/MENTION] to the wonderful land of Oz......I mean T-I. :p
          I hope that you have a good time here and as you said, people here are helpful, kind and smiling. ^^
          We hope to see you grow on the site and make new friends.



          • I agree with Olivier1980. As a fellow newbie, I want to say that T-I has been great. My thanks to everyone here.

            - Nipples


            • Oh HAI DERrr.. :)


              Where.. to begin......

              Oh I know...
              The names Stephen or steve for short, I hail from the backwards country called Wales... Where the broadband(if you can call it that) is atrocious.. in most places and the sheeps are scared ;)
              Beautiful country for those who have never been :)

              me... hmm... So ... I can be a bit cheeky at times.. and just off the wall random .. I suffer from ADHD so randomness, cheekyness and just plain stupidity at times comes with the territory :)
              I am a University Student nearing the end of my course :L I currently am working as Systems Development Administrator .... Well supposed to .. theyve gotten me doing tasks more suited for a DBA or DBDev... I love servers.. Owning several Dedicated either hosting games, Websites, Teamspeak 3 server (I have spare space available) and other things. I also own my own Proliant DL380 G4 & G5 which I use as a Firewall(G4) and media server (G5)...

              I recently have become an TVT orphan :( with terrabytes of ratio... So sad to see TVT gone :( but hopefully I will be able to find some new ones to sink my teeth into :)
              So far T-I has a very social Community that appear (on the surface(only recently started :L)) Very eager to help, nice and a good friendly bunch of people :)
              I hope i can help the community with my 10 year server administration knowledge and help to contribute with invites :)



              • Hello, I just submitted my intro and it got accepted.
                I hope to find some great connections.
                I'm a technical diver, so, if you have anything you ever wanted to know about scuba diving, feel free to ask away.
                I'm also in the hobby of overclocking, running an old I920 @ 4.3ghz on water.
                In addition, I'm just a jack of many trades and a master of none, well, ok, maybe within the technical diving I'd like to think of myself as grandmaster.LOL


                • Hey there everyone!

                  I'm 5 days in and already in love.

                  I just moved back to the desert where I was born to help my mom while she's on chemo. Currently investigating how to fix the leak in her roof. Luckily it doesn't rain/snow much in the desert. Also, I just discovered piņon coffee which is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.


                  • Hello people!

                    Really happy I stumbled upon T-I, it looks really promising.

                    Used to rely heavily on TVT, and since the shutdown I've been out in the cold. Hope to find somewhere nice and warm to rebuild.

                    Look forward to working with you all!


                    • Welcome to T-I K [MENTION=329603]MKUTW[/MENTION]
                      Hope you enjoy your stay! :)


                      • Hi. I don't come here usually, nor do I talk too much but this place may be another try at getting an actual account without relying on other trackers whom I'm already connected from.


                        • Hello I've been here for awhile but haven't used the site really that much, so think of this as if i just came in. wish me luck on such a cool site


                          • Hello every one new, just want to welcome to all the new faces and I hope you enjoy T-I as much as I do

                            "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."


                            • Originally posted by ShattedZ View Post
                              Hello I've been here for awhile but haven't used the site really that much, so think of this as if i just came in. wish me luck on such a cool site

                              Welcome, try to be more active :D

                              Welcome to everybody


                              • Thank you =] Recent member here from Canada and looking forward to spending time in this community.

                                I've been around the block when it comes to the underground and happy to have returned. Personally, I miss the old days of dial up BBSs. Slow as hell but damn those ASCII pictures were awesome.