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Why did you join T-I

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  • Why did you join T-I

    Well, following IRC conversations, I want to know why you joined torrent invites

    I personally joined after researching seedboxes and kinda liked the, lack of morons so to speak here ;D

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    My ISP began to throttle my upload speed. Actually, it turned out they were only blocking one port, but I ended up buying a seedbox. I did some seedbox research on Google which inevitably lead me to Torrent-Invites. Reading through the comments, I found this forum to be an excellent resource with people who know what they are talking about.

    Now that I had a seedbox, I wanted some private trackers. I had always heard they had good (really good) download speeds. So I came back to T-I and completed an introduction. I admit I didn't know much about invites or anything like that, but as I read through the rules, completed my intro, and waited through the process, I knew I wanted to join T-I more and more. I tell ya, I must have hit that refresh button 20 times while I waited for a response to my intro.

    After I got repped in, I began by finding threads I could make intelligent replies to. Soon I was answering questions and getting answers. I kept coming back to this one thread about a news writer. I decided to throw my hat in the ring, and the rest is history.

    By the way, Jenna and I are looking for more News Writers. You don't have to be an exquisite writer to join. Just write a little something about the torrent world (400 words - not that much really) and send it to us. Easy Peesy Lemon Squeezy


    New News: New News: T-I: The Story - Part III: The Gatekeepers 1
    Old News: OiNK Founder Acquitted
    News in the Making: T-I: The Story - Part III: The Gatekeepers 2 (2%)


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      So I could collect as many trackers as possible then sell and trade them for a profit. (kidding)

      I joined because of the news that TPB might be going south, and I didn't know where else to turn. I looked around for awhile, and almost left because of how confused I was about all this "The scene" and "Seedboxes" and "private invite only trackers" but I stayed because of the amazing people that make up T-I, and now I'd happily call many of them friends. And the rest isn't confusing anymore :)
      Need help? PM me and I'll find you the answer.


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        I joined because i was search for some invites... my dream bitmetv ( thanks McLovin )
        When i entered i saw not only invite ga to good trackers but an wordenfull community
        Im really happy for found this amazing community searching on google


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          Well, to be honest I'm not here really for invites.
          I'm people person, but sometimes shy, that's why it took me 2 days to say a word or two on IRc after idling :)
          I joined because i wondered what's in this community and I must say i was pleasently surprised.
          As mentioned in the beggining of this thread, lack of morons is a great benefit of this forum.
          Honestly, introduction thread had me all over this site, whoever thought of that is a genius.
          I reckon i will be 99% of my time on IRc idling or bullshiting on public chan. since i find people there to be very weird, sarcastic and above all friendly.
          Special thanks to WRETCH32, el2em, Aftermidnight and others for breaking the ice for me ^^


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            I joined torrent-invites as I want to become more involved with Bit Torrent community.

            I forsee a dark net coming with countries in the EU warming to the idea of restricting access to download sites by getting ISP' to ban users or limit bandwidth. I believe France is doing trials as we speak. This going to force users to move to VPN's, Seedboxes and streaming sites.

            They can try but we will never be stopped, what man makes, man can break.

            Whoa starting to get a bit deep, best be off my soap box. Peace


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              Well, firstly i obviously came here to get invited into trackers :P but then after awhile i started to go into the irc and now im in there all the time :P Everyone here is great.


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                Originally posted by olomon View Post
                I joined because i was search for some invites... my dream bitmetv ( thanks McLovin )
                When i entered i saw not only invite ga to good trackers but an wordenfull community
                Im really happy for found this amazing community searching on google
                Really it was ur dream?
                I'm glad to have helped you out !

                Continuing with the thread's question, well I joined T-I because since I changed my ISP, I had my traffic download (international) unlimited because my former ISP had limited traffic for International websites.
                And after that I started to search for the best ones, and found T-I that was a good way to find good trackers and ofc to help and to be helped.

                I also wanted to be in the best trackers, and never expected to find a great community with such great knowledges here in T-I, I'm glad to be a member here and also makes me happy comments such like olomon.

                Well, atm I just have to say that I love T-I, it's my new home, I like to spend my time in IRC and here I learned a lot of stuff, my english is gettin better and I found out for the first time what a seedbox was :laugh:

                Regards, ur boy McLovin!
                Don't get boozes if you're under 18 lol
                Yeah, I'm the one and only McLovin from Superbad and the one and only Red Mist from Kick Ass :cursing:
                YEAH I'M BACK!

                A big thanks to all from T-I, special thanks for some users lalala

                BRIDSKID FTW


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                  I joined T-I intending to receive an invite to ScT which I eventually got into. I then received various invitations to many other trackers I couldn't dream of getting anywhere else. True, I came here seeking invites, but then I realized the community itself is on a level of its own. Made a ton of friends on the forum and especially on IRC. Yes, IRC, the place where the nasties gather. If you don't believe me, you must login once in a while. Either that or check the mocking block; most of those quotes are all from IRC.

                  All-in-all, I came here looking for invites but received way more than what I previously wanted. Most of us already got what we wanted but enjoy staying here just to socialize with other members. T-I is a great community and probably one of the most active forums I'm a member of.

                  Oh, I also like the little green boxes under your usernames. Yes, I find them cool and make it my mission to earn more of them. Power to the little green things!


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                    I initially joined for one purpose. Hopes of getting invited to Ttraffic and Preactor. Now there is obviously other great benefits to being here other than the possibility of getting into a private tracker but that is why i joined.


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                      I joined here in order to become a part of a community of people who do similar things that I do, and who are knowledgeable about the world of private trackers and those things associated with them... I found the site by searching private tracker forum. I don't know a whole lot of people IRL that I can have conversations with about the things we discuss here.


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                        I Joined in here to be part of some of my dream trackers such that PTN and GFT =) which i have got :)

                        A new breed, A new generation. D-generation X, you can not stop him, slow him down, or shield yourself from his gaze. He is here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and we're all out of gum. He is DX, he is Exalted . . .


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                          I, like most other people, joined T-I to get invites to the best private trackers out there. Now that I've already got most of the ones I wanted, I still want to stick around here and help other members get into the trackers they want. This site has a great community and so far i am really enjoying being a part of it.


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                            Like almost everybody here i joigned T.I to get invites, especially from Waffles and BitmeTV.
                            But since i'm here i found a community, and a real good one :)
                            I'm very happy of that, it was unexpected, and now invites are not the only purpose to be a part of this community.


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                              I wanted to find some way to become part of private trackers that have now become invite only. I don't know too many people who are seriously involved in torrenting so I didn't have many other options.