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    Ill start, lmao


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        Ahahaha good times...

        Originally posted by Our good friend "1cecoo1"
        The main point is who gets a row all at once, but no less worthy of anything, and that do not get people who really need it, and listens to noodles /I love /this super /this is fantastic..
        So it is understandable?
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        Trust these mofos.
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              Best follow-up to Timo.

              It's him again :001_tongue:.

              Good thread btw.
              Some funny shit
              The prophecies speak of a legendary being. With virtue, and wisdom beyond comprehension.
              Commanded by none, yet commended by the Gods. Possessing strength that would make Muhammad Ali cower.
              He is the embodiment of swag, with infinitely more charm and allure than any mere mortal. He is...
              The Exalted

              The Greatest Tutorials Known To Man


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                "I dream that one day his gates will open for me" ~Myx
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                  sorry for all the smilies but....

                  ...seriously what a good

                  i love this thread and it will probably become one of my most visited threads.
                  i give the guys who don't speak english well, credit for trying but ..


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                    Im throughly disgusted that this even exists.... lmfao

                    LMFAOOOO, "...the FTN for gays..." XD XD XD
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                      Originally posted by Ravish


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                        Originally posted by supertorrz View Post
                        lol that nick looks familiar :p
                        :D i knew this convesation will be here.....
                        i m an IPT fan wats bad in it :)


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                          i have only been here a day but seeing some of the ridiculously bad intro threads makes me laugh, as like these people are doing in on purpose its that bad.


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                            Originally posted by supertorrz View Post

                            I remember that one!!

                            Originally posted by sunkiller
                            Frightens my perspiration.
                            I may not want by ban.
                            That's pretty lulzworthy as well.

                            No offense sunkiller - English is most likely not your main language but I think is a funny conversation nonetheless.



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                              well once i saw a very unique way of some one defending himself .. his username was kisss & i am still unable to understand what he was trying to say
                              originally posted by kisss
                              yes this my acc and i Trades with one that have iplay
                              he ask me he want TL big buffer i told him i want iplay and done that is
                              originally posted by kisss
                              :laugh: No I'm not Trades but i see its good deal
                              Why i lie to you i see that good deal and i do it
                              If you want to prove something do it , take your time But believe me, I'm not empty to your prove or anything else
                              Because i never lie in my life
                              You said im cheater or a scammer ???
                              Then you say im i Trades ???
                              What you want to prove ???
                              dont lost your time and my time ... simple ask my , and i Unanswered
                              If you ask abot my acc in TL yes i trades my acc , for this reason i want another invite in TL
                              If you ask if i always trades my invite , my answer is no
                              But take my advice .. in this life do best suits of you , but dont accuses & judgment people that you dont know....
                              Good luck
                              originally posted by ethicks
                              hmm.. I didn't understand a word you so obviously attempted
                              to shove those words through your ass before translating,
                              However I did see you wrote that you traded.
                              Banned permanently.
                              thread closed.
                              yes ethicks i was also unable to understand his point of view rofl

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