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    Is it just me or has the forum lost a lot of activity over the past couple years? I was away for awhile due to travelling for work etc and couldnt torrent much but I remember when people posted a lot in different areas of this forum and I see some thats months old towards the top of list.

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    It has yes. When I joined in 2013 it was very active. There used to be an army of admins/mods also, and now there are pretty much just 3.

    I think it has to do with a combination of bigger trackers going down, others still around becoming even harder to get into, and some even becoming more open and offering open signups.


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      yes very true, I joined up in 2014 and it was active then too. I am still part of some of the original trackers that are still around but many I had has gone down over the years and then there are a couple I was never able to get an invite for and still looking for them, its a shame PTP is still on the list for no inviting here since that was a main one I wanted for several years but at least the ones I have work well.