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  • Safe VPNs

    I tried to search if this was already posted, but the search didn't appear to be working and my browsing of the forums didn't find it, so please accept my apologies if this topic already exists. I'm a little surprised if it doesn't already.

    What are some safe locations to VPN from? I have been hearing that Switzerland is the safest place to torrent from, but have been having trouble finding a cheap VPN with an endpoint there. What other countries are safe to share files from?

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    Search is down right now, and the moderators already know, however you can still search this forum using Google site search...

    1. Go to Google
    2. Type in "site:" add a space
    3. Anything after the space will be searched for on only this site.
    Found all kinds of good posts with the above method. Looks like your best bet is a cheap seedbox anyway...