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What are your Hobbies / Interests? Don't Have One? Have too many? Let's talk!

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  • What are your Hobbies / Interests? Don't Have One? Have too many? Let's talk!

    I'm one of those individuals who get interested in things very easily (for better or worse), and once I do, I tend to have the inclination to try to find all the best forums, learning materials that I can get my hands on. I would Go on reddit and forums and ask for the best books, and spend lots of time downloading every little thing I can via torrents, and the world wide web.

    Now, there's pros to this, because I'm able to expose myself to various subjects and know a little bit of everything, however, on the other hand, because of this tendency, I'm also easily distracted by the next new hobby or interest that peaked my curiosity... and subsequently, become a jack of all trades and master of none sort of guy who get interested in things easily, but never sticking to something for long.

    Perhaps it's me, or perhaps I'm not the only one and that the Internet with its infinite wisdom plays a part as well, since we have access to so many things these days.

    Often times your interest might require you to have a certain working or living environment, or equipment, and that might be the reason you're unable to just dive right in, or perhaps you're just lazy; whatever the reason may be, we sometimes might end up liking something yet unable to actually start due to these circumstances.... and so we do nothing except researching until the next interest comes along, yet not totally forgetting the old ones we've put aside. In the end it becomes a vicious cycle of getting interested in something, spending lots of time acquiring learning materials, putting it aside only to pick it back up again.

    Here are some of the things I was/am interested in and have spent a great deal researching:
    permaculture - requires a suburban/rural environment with a garden which i don't have access to anymore
    urban homestead - requires a suburban/rural environment with a garden which i don't have access to anymore
    metal/gun/knife engraving
    knife making - requires a good ventilated area due to grinding of metal, and forge (not suitable for apartment)
    brazilian portuguese language
    japanese language
    electronic music making

    bonsai tree
    carp fishing

    tobacco pipe making - requires a lathe for turning wood and also not suitable for apartment due to sawdust and health hazard
    fancy goldfish keeping
    web development
    figure drawing / painting

    Ones I think I will stick with:
    Figure drawing / Painting

    Tell us about your story!
    What are you interested in?
    Help each other discover and find their passion in life!

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    Your interests are much more diverse than mine. I am more devoted to all manner of geekdom, primarily in regards to trade paperbacks and retro game cartridges. I'm sort of a collector of stuff I only want to read or play, yet I never have time to read or play anything! I guess my one passion that has branched into a level of learning skills involves music in a digital capacity.

    I am borderline obsessed with setting up the perfect playlist for the bands I love, which means more to me than just slapping together my own version of a greatest hits album. No, I have to edit tracks to shorten meaningless intros or outros, trim studio banter, and lessen audience enthusiasm whenever necessary. Also, I have to arrange all the tracks in a near perfect chronology like I've got OCD or something.

    I think this perfect playlist hobby of mine stems from a former appreciation I held for film fanedits (check out the Jaws sharksploitation edit for an incredible example of what I'm referring to), and I think that level of fan media tweaking should apply to other forms of entertainment as well.


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      I am currently working on becoming a magician, saw a couple videos on youtube of street magic about 2 years ago, and just fell in love with it. I used to play guitar, but I have problems with my wrist and can't really play anymore.


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        I have a lot of hobbies, but don't spend much time on a single hobby apart from gaming & programming.

        I really like:
        - Gaming
        - Programming
        - Soccer/Football
        - Drugs
        - Watching movies
        - Listening to music
        - Cardistry/Magic
        - Worldbuilding


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          Does drinking single malt scotch whisky count as a hobby; if so I do it often.


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            Flying - Punching holes in the sky. And yeah, I'll take a single malt, too (but only AFTER flying)


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              I like game. It is my main hobby.


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                  How is it?


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