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Anyone tried a fleshlight?

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  • Anyone tried a fleshlight?

    Thinking about buying a fleshlight. I'm interested to see what people think about them

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    I'll try almost anything, and I sure as hell have tried a flesh light (wasn't quite so sure the first 453 times I tried it, so I had to try it once more). There's nothing wrong with a healthy sex life, whether with yourself, someone else, or a room full of someone elses.

    It's fun, I enjoyed it, I threw it out a few years ago and haven't bought another one. If I was interested I wouldn't hesitate to buy another, but there just isn't enough room in the sex toy drawer(s).

    My tip: Look after it per the instructions, it lasts longer and is more pleasant to use if you look after it.

    P.S. Probably the best thread to increase post count I've seen.


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      I've been meaning to get one for a keychain. Might come in handy this Halloween.


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        lmao i wanted to when i was really in early teensagers but was to much a hassle to hide, order.So grew out of it eventually also there is no need for it now


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          I always thought they looked a bit too big and cumbersome to be able to hide them anywhere in case you had nosey friends over!