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some info About JTAG/RGH XBOX and what i have learnt

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  • some info About JTAG/RGH XBOX and what i have learnt

    hello all,
    when i bought my RGH XBOX. i didn't even know what RGH is not JTAG. i didn't even know what it was. all i was told is that i can play games from my HD. i was stuck at first. had to read a lot to understand what's going on.

    this is a very basic post for new tampered XBOX users:

    JTAG: can be applied to old XBOX consoles with old kernel versions. you can read more about what systems can be JTAGed. advantage of having a JTAGed system is the fast reboot. and simpler to hardware install. the rest is almost the same as RGH as far as i understood
    RGH: this can be done on all systems, the system boot up varies from a few seconds to up to a minute or 2.

    FLASHED: i am not very familiar with this one. it's not common, but from what i have read, it's a system that allows you to play copied DVDs. i welcome experts to correct me here.

    how to download and play games. one of the issues i faced when i started using the torrent world for XBOX games is finding mostly ISO games. i didn't know what to do with them.
    there are two options:
    1- use a software such as Xbox-Backup-Creator-v2.9.0.350 to xtract the iso to a format the xbox can understand. you will find that those iso have tons of padding. sometimes a 7 GB ISO will end up around 2-3 GB game. some games would be just a few files, others would end up around 3-6k little files.
    2- use iso2GOD to convert the iso to GOD format (Game on Demand). the file and folder format of GOD is more structured and makes more sense. normally, every game has a folder name ~/<Game title ID format>/000D0000/
    the game title ID format will always be the same for a particular game. and it's easy to add a DLC to it. just get the DLC from DLC sources out there and add them to the game title ID folder. example: 0000000000000000/<Game title ID format>/00000002/
    both types can be run from external USB HD or the internal HDD

    the most commonly user software:
    1- XeXMenu. this is normally the start up point. u can run it from the XBOX interface. it allows you to run games you have copied to HDD or USB. although it's mainly user to copy files from a FAT32 formatted drive to your HD
    2- DashLaunch: Use XeXMenu to copy the app to your HDD, then run the install/default.xex file to install it.
    3- you can then install FSD (Free Style Launcher) which what you would be using on a daily basis to play games. it also has a file manager (so you should never need to use XeXmenu again. in FSD you can set content paths. chose what folders have games you have added to the HDD or USB and FSD will detect them and list them in the games list to play.

    More features in FSD:
    1- you can download title updates
    2- you can play online (not on XBOX servers), you won't have a lot of players, but new games and popular ones tend to have enough players to play online with.
    3- can be connected to a server that download game covers
    4- ftp: you can FTP to the xbox to move files instead of disconnecting your games USB drive to move games to it using yor PC.
    note the following:
    5- you can update FSD from the settings menu.

    Updating dashlaunch is easy too, just copy the new one to a folder and run the default.xex in the install folder.

    Never allow xbox to update your firmware. by default dashlaunch/FSD have measure to prevent XBOX from ever force updating.
    you need to update your firmware to play new games. I personally likes the auto update method. some prefer to do the NAND backup, update, then restore. (too complicated for newbies).
    i bought GTA V on PS3 because i couldn't run it on my XBOX, a few months later i discovered all i needed to do was update the firmware :(

    i have spent over one year extracting iso and putting those games on my USB, but it's a mess, i have lately arrived at a conclusion the GOD is better, reason. games that have 6000 files take a long time to move around or copy from laptop to usb drive. i have reached this conclusion lately but have not read if GOD has a disadvantage.

    this is a simple RGH 101 crash course and is not intended for experts. it's information i wish i knew in day one, to avoid reading countless not to the point forum threads to learn.

    i welcome corrections and criticism.