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French & Arabs Upset with US Security Obsession

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  • French & Arabs Upset with US Security Obsession

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: January 11, 2014 Link in ExtraTorrent: French & Arabs Upset with US Security Obsession

    An oncoming deal between the United Arab Emirates to purchase a couple of intelligence satellites from France worth $930 million seems to be in trouble after the National Security Agency tried to put backdoors into the technology. Two military observation satellites contained a couple of specific US-supplied components providing backdoors to the highly secure information transmitted to the ground station.

    The Arabs have asked the French to come up with some components that wonít leak their plans to the US, saying that they would rather prefer Russian or Chinese firms to take over the project. Actually, only the US believes that Chinese and Russians are spying on people.

    So, the United Arab Emirates is ready to scrap the whole deal. Apparently, the country is hugely miffed that it bought French and found itself spied on by the US. In reality, the French only won the deal because the American State Department had been such an arse about how the system could be used.

    In the meantime, the UAE likes Russian technology a lot - for example, it used the GLONASS space-based navigation system fitted as a redundancy feature on a Western European weapon system. As for France, defence experts canít find out why the French were using the American technology in the first place.

    Media reports say that France operates the Pleiades spy satellite in a kind of a critical piece of the country's sovereignty. Taking into account that core competence, it seemed weird that France would use American technology, though thereís an agreement between Paris and Washington over transfer of capabilities.

    Finally, the deal is also problematic because Israel may want to limit the ability of the system to work. The matter is that the French satellites sold to the Arabs, a very high optical resolution and encrypted code may be used to guide a cruise missile to a target in Iran.

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