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  • Apple Losing eBooks Case

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: January 10, 2014 Link in ExtraTorrent: Apple Losing eBooks Case

    A few years ago, Apple came up with an idea to kill off Amazon and force people to pay more for eBooks by arranging a price fixing racket with other publishers. But this scheme came crashing down when a court told Apple that it was against the law.

    Now the tech giant is back in federal court in attempt to re-litigate its loss of a huge eBooks price-fixing case. Apple’s lawyers claim that the company’s executives remain very angry and will "never get over the case". It seems that they are ready to ignore court orders connected to the case.

    The company’s main problem is that the court case questions Steve Jobs’s decisions - as he raised the cost of ebooks by 50% overnight because he felt like it. In addition, losing the case will cost the company billions in damages.

    However, industry observers believe that losing the case will be completely unsurprising. The evidence as described in the ruling can prove that Apple's top executives met with the heads of the largest book publishing houses and got secret agreements to set prices across the board.

    Although it was an open and shut case, the company still remains livid about the loss. Its executives believe the court’s requirement that Apple’s eBook division cooperate with a court-appointed compliance monitor is “unconstitutional", and so they have decided to overturn it on appeal.

    The court appointed monitor has complained to the court that the tech giant’s lawyers are stonewalling. For example, he can’t have a meeting with CEO, top designer, or most of the members of the board. In response, the company claimed that it was very concerned about the request for interviews with board members and senior executives, but all of them were very busy.

    This doesn’t change the fact that it is disobeying a court order and is bluntly in contempt. Apparently, only Apple could believe that it has a right to ignore the law. Moreover, some of Apple fanboys also believe that jacking up the price of eBooks have been done in their favour.

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