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Snapchat Database Hacked, Millions of Phone Numbers Released

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  • Snapchat Database Hacked, Millions of Phone Numbers Released

    Source: ExtraTorrent Original Author: SaM Post Date: January 10, 2014 Link in ExtraTorrent: Snapchat Database Hacked, Millions of Phone Numbers Released

    Snapchat execs have finally responded to the release of millions of their users’ private details, exposed when the intruders published a redacted database which matched usernames to phone numbers. The database was made public by an anonymous group known as SnapchatDB. Although the last 2 digits of phone numbers were redacted by the hackers in order “to minimise spam and abuse”, the hacking collective claimed that it would consider releasing the unredacted number “under certain circumstances”.

    The company has acknowledged a security flaw, which was first pointed out to it a few months ago, promising to issue an update of Snapchat to allow users opt out of the vulnerable “Find Friends” function that would search for users in phone’s address book.

    Snapchat’s developers also promised to improve rate limiting and other restrictions to address any future attempts to abuse their service. However, the security experts point out that a report about the potential abuse was released five months ago, and the company ignored it. Two weeks ago, an Australian security research group revealed further details of vulnerabilities and announced that Snapchat failed to respond to its warnings. The app developers responded on 27 December that they had implemented safeguards to prevent people from matching up usernames and phone numbers, which they conceded was “theoretically possible”. But it took SnapchatDB only 4 days to upload its database of 4.6 million users.

    In response, Snapchat announced it wanted to make sure that security experts can get ahold of them when finding new ways to abuse Snapchat service and allow them respond quickly to address those concerns. The app developers claimed their community was a place where friends can feel comfortable expressing themselves and the company was dedicated to preventing abuse. But thus far all they did was confirmation that no other data like Snaps were accessed or released by the hackers, and that’s it.

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