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What happened to the love story?

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  • What happened to the love story?


    Although I've been registered here for a few years, I only started to be really active in the community recently. As such, I've scoured most topics in the Forum and read to get to know the neighborhood a little better. In one of the sticky post above (See The Legendary) there is a post, at the bottom, called Love in T-I

    In that post, two users (JustJenna and Signus) profess their love for each other. How cute and touching! :). Ensues five pages of congratulatory comments.

    What I am wondering now, for someone who haven't been around those past years but just read this happy story (I'm sure I'm not the only one! :) is some sort of "Where are they now"?

    As I was reading the thread, learning that JustJenna was to go visit Signus in Australia, but that the long term plan was for Signus to move back to the US so they can live together happily ever after... I was wondering how all this had evolved, was the relationship still going on, had there been a wedding, or even kids? That would possibly explain the retirement of one member from this forum (?).

    Well, I could ask them directly, but I don't know personally the two protagonists, and I thought that since their story was publicly exposed, perhaps I was not the only one wanting to get an update.

    Let's hear it! :).

    PS: I realize that I may be touching on a very private and personal matter, and I do know that relationship evolve over time, not always in the pleasant direction - hopefully that is not the case here! - but I am assuming it is not bad etiquette to ask about the "continuation of the story" since the beginning was publicly posted. Furthermore, it appears that both main actors in this romance are quite powerful in this forum, so if this was a taboo subject, I assume they would have diligently REMOVED the initial link where part of their private life is expose (by them). So, again, I don't want to offend anyone, and I'm sure this post will promptly be deleted if I stepped over the line (which I don't mean to do).


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    So the thread shows they hooked up in 2009. Jenna's sig is the following:

    "It feels like I'm starting all over again... The last (four) years were just pretend....
    And I said... Goodbye to you...- Michelle Branch


    Oh no!


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      You are correct - I hadn't seen that. But those are the lyrics to a song... so it could refer to other things. Her profile does state that she is on the East Coast of the USA, and Signus' in Sydney, Australia. That probably concludes the story :(..

      However, Signus' signature still says : "♥ Jen".
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