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Need help and some answers from some real audiophiles here

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  • Need help and some answers from some real audiophiles here

    Though I can't call myself an audiophile, music has always been a passion of mine. I've been downloading individual music files ever since I got an internet connection. I once lost my entire music collection because my comp caught a virus and I had no backup. Nonetheless, I regained(most of) my collection(which was not that large to begin with).

    I have done some shitty things with my collection. I reduced the bitrate of the songs to 64kbps to save space because my ear couldn't tell the difference but an audiophile friend of mine who was outraged when he listened to songs from my collection. He was like "Wtf have you done to these songs?". I just shrugged and said "I can't tell the difference between these songs and the 320kbps ones so I don't see the point in keeping such large files in my hard disk".

    He one day showed me his music collection which was so neat that I got really jealous, and ashamed at the same time. It was all perfect. Everything arranged neatly by artist, album, genre with all the album art. Looked so glorious on his mac when he was playing the music on itunes. My music collection on the other hand was a mess and I'm not only talking about the bitrates but the metadata part too.

    In an attempt to make my music more organized I searched for softwares which get the metadata for a song by reading it almost like what shazam does. I came upon MusicBrainz Picard. It looked like I've come upon the promised land that I always looked for. The panacea to all my music organizational problems. But alas, once I used the software, it screwed up my software so mercilessly, rather than solving the already existing problems, it brought a scourge of new ones like ripping out the metadata of songs which had it good already.

    For those of you who were patient enough to read my sob story till here, first of all thank you. Now i have a few questions for you.
    1. First of all I want to know how do you manage your music?
    -how do you keep the metadata uniform(by uniform i mean not have 2 artists like guns n roses/guns and roses) and also how you have your metadata accurate and complete
    -how do you organize it into directories
    -how do you get your music (if you're one of the people who download entire discographies of any band/artist which you've ever heard don't bother answering this one because I know a few people like that and they've never heard half those songs and don't like half the songs that they've downloaded.

    2. Secondly I want to know how do you weed out bad music. By bad music I mean both by quality and content.

    3. I know a lot of audiophiles who download the highest quality music they can get their hands on. My question is, can you really tell the difference? Can your ear make out the difference between lossy and lossless and such things?

    I can't think of any more questions right now. If i have ill update this thread. For now, please answer these questions.

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    You can't tell the difference from 64 to 320kbps? What are you playing your music on, a shitty phone speaker?

    mp3tag can be helpful to edit ID3 tags. I don't use it, though.

    Good headphones are expensive, good speakers are REALLY expensive.

    You're the only one who can weed out the bad music by content. We can't all like the same songs.
    By quality there are a couple of golden rules:
    1- NEVER encode from a lossy source. If you want a 128kbps mp3 get the flac/wav and encode it, don't do it from another mp3 file (even if it's 320kbps) (of course I wouldn't recommend a 128kbps mp3 to anyone)
    2- go ahead and compress wav to flac or uncompress flac to wav as often as you want to. As long as it's lossless you're golden.

    If you don't have a good pair of headphones don't bother downloading lossless formats.


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      I can tell the difference between 64 an 320 now if I listen to it very closely but its not much according to me. And I still can't tell the difference between lossy and lossless. And I listened to them on a skullcandy


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        1 - Depend on how you want to use your music:
        - Most of the time, you'd want to store them like D:\Music\Micheal Jackson - Bad [1987]\
        - If you use a local player on your PC like foobar2000, Winamp, iTunes... then tag everything correctly using various plugins OR you can download music from serious sources like WhatCD where they're mostly tagged
        - If you want to listen to music using different devices like PC, laptop, smartphone, TV, stereo... or dont want to change metadata then you'd want to use Plex - A Complete Media Solution to auto tag and arrange your collection from without changing the files (so you can keep them seeding). Best thing about it is you dont have to do anything.


        2 & 3 - Just for me, I aim for mp3 V0, 320 is acceptable. anything below that is replaceable (I can hear the difference). anything above that is backed up then replaceable if I need more space. (I can not hear the difference).
        Any songs that I dont want to put on a playlist are deleted, for diskspace sake. (might keep 1 song/album)