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Thinking about post gender future?

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  • Thinking about post gender future?

    Recently read an article on, here s the link Andrej Pejic - Androgynous Model - does this pretty boy signify a multi-or-post-gender future? -
    and was wondering what the community thinks about post gender future? Where are we heading? Are you okay with that? Do you wish you could change sex more easily, or wish to be multi-gender?

    I consider myself transhumanist, and liberal by nature and i welcome this new, more open and not just liberal society, but more diverse and fun! :)

    Dont know if anybody watched, Boys dont Cry, with hillary swank, but its one of the movies that made me cry, personally i cant wait for the future where everyone could be what they want, in term of gender.

    So community whadaya think?

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    I may be too conservative or my faith is deeply embedded in my thinking but I believe we should not tamper ( medically change that is,) with what is given to us or what we are at birth. I accept and I support the rights of gays and lesbians but to physically change yourself - Is that not going too far?


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      You can't change who you are..... Idc what gays do..... But transgender is just crossing the line....

      I just feel that changing the gender you have been born & blessed with Is wrong.... And also just plain creepy Imo...


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        This is a good topic. Now I think some guys prefer to date transgender people. But why? Perhaps I would be interested in trying a date like this...


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          Hello everybody! Recently, my friend became interested in transgender people and I think it's not bad, the main thing is that he likes it! I even tried to find a dating site for transvestite personals to make it easier for him to find a partner! Maybe you guys need this link too? Good luck to everyone!