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  • Tracker Account Giveaway

    This sounds absurdly crazy, but is it crazy enough for someone to give their tracker account away with no strings attached, no sell, no trade, and no shenanigans. Just a simple giveaway with the user's discretion.


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    This is against the T-I Rules. From the FAQ (it is mentioned also in the rules):

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      It doesn't makes sense because they wouldn't be able to seed the users torrents plus most private trackers would catch on if a new IP address was used and ban the user.


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        I understand all that is mentioned above I just find it a waste to delete a tracker with a huge buffer on it that has no use for me, but can be good for others. That is all.


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          well that's the way it is .. would you rather get banned for the reason named Trading by the torrent sites or just for inactivity?

          As when IP changes most of the trackers just ban the accounts thinking that OP traded his account with someone else .. I Am highly against this and will never support it.

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            I think I put this in the wrong category, it was not meant to be a suggestion, I just want to see what people think about this in general

            For your question, I do not think its trading at all, if my brother lived in phoenix and I lived in florida, I do not see why I cant just give it to him without any monetary value or exchange and me not using it at all. I have seen people log on to sites from across the nation without consequences. I do not see the difference between getting disabled for inactivity or banned, it will delete my stat in general, also if the tracker has no value to me.

            *Can A Mod Move this to General.

            Edit: Yet tracker site operators see this as a threat, I see their point
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              The best solution is, invite your friend; and if you don't want the account any more, let it pruned by the tracker.
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                Simple as it is: Trackers forbid giving away accounts and T-I respect tracker rules therefore it's forbidden on T-I.

                It doesn't matter if you give it away freely or not, because it's forbidden anyways.
                I have never heard of a tracker that bans on IP change, some ban on IP COUNTRY change though. It has never happened to me and I have changed my resident a couple of times.
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                  Unless IP range has to be registered in order to be able to log in there is no way that tracker will ban whole IP range. That's irrespective from a situation when that IP range was previously blacklisted for some sins like hacking, trading, etc.

                  Definitely some trackers use script, which automatically set an account as disabled when IP changes for foreign one.

                  My advice always will be like this, if you not use your account make it disabled by asking staf to do so or letting it to be disabled by inactivity. Giving your account away won't bring anything positive because sooner or later new owner will be detected and troubles may appear. Seriousness of these problems will strictly depend on tracker's policy but in general it's nothing good.


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                    i wonder why this thread is still open for debate
                    it is against the very basic rules of trackers and T-I
                    if this gets implemented all the tracker recruiters will cut off the deal and simply ban each and every T-I member
                    And then T-I will be known as just another trading forum
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                      Well I think you have your answer to your question. Most trackers will ban your account should the IP change significantly and by that I mean it suddenly changes country or suddenly from another state, most like to be informed if you are changing your internet provider.

                      T-I doesn't allow the giving of accounts to ANYONE, for any reason. It may seem like a waste to you, but trackers are not bothered, one person leaves another 3 sign up, its not as if you are the only person keeping that tracker alive. If you no longer wish to keep an account, then simply pop into the help channel of the respective tracker and ask to be disabled that way should you find yourself wanting to be a member again for whatever reason, you can always go back and ask to have it re-opened and that way it doesn't look so bad.

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