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Are you scared of dying?

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  • Are you scared of dying?

    Yeah, just an interesting subject really. I'm not normally, but odd times I'll just sit back and think "everything will be gone, I won't exist, it'll all be nothing," and then I'l get a horrible feeling in my stomach.

    Do any of you feel the same way? Or do you not let it bother you and try to live life to the full??

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    I'm scared to die, but am too young to think about it. Because I am atheist, I do not believe in an after life. But why get worried over an inevitable event?
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      I'm not sure, it's just a finality, you won't be concious any more, its more weird then anything :P
      I'm atheist too, but I would love for reincarnation to be true.


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        I'm not exactly scared of dying, but I'm wondering how I'll die. Guess I'm just uneasy about the unknown.


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          Yeah I actually get those thoughts to. I was actually thinking of like fast ways to die. Wondering what would happen. Damn, something like something heavy squashed my head. Not sure if I would feel anything, but that be quick, and senseless. Be like one moment im awake and know whats going on, and the 2nd moment I see it coming, third moment be to late, I wouldnt have a third moment.

          I get the chill feelings of this coming reality, no matter how I put it. Im actually really scared in fact. I haven't been to good, so not sure if god will accept me in his kingdom. But I gotta go church mo often. I will figure out my life soon enough.


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            Sometimes i think about it, and when i think deeper and deeper i get creeped out, and my thoughts are heading on many different directions and it finally ends up with this, Darn im scared to die, wtf do i work and, do that and that and so on if one day my heart can just stop in my sleep,.
            Sick have choose not to think of it to often, but its hard for me to avoid i think i got a heart issue cause it hurts abit in like 1 min and then its good again, sometimes its like 10 minutes.

            So well. Its darn scary sitting here and chat about it,


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              Of course! It's such a scary topic, and yet it is tossed around so easily in media and news...

              This reminds me of a quote I've heard: "My worst fear is that when I die, the world doesn't change". If I know I've made an impact on the world, and I've done my duty, it is only then that I can accept death.


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                You don't have to scared of dying, but you should possibly away from it...

                Our lifes naturally born, live and die...but what we can controll is to make it full and colorful, that's what I think.


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                  Everything we are made out of was once particles in a star. In future eons, the particles that currently make 'us' up will return to the stars. I personally can't wait to become part of a star again lighting and warming our corner of the galaxy for new life. We are all star beings :D


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                    I was facing moments which were considered dangerous and feared to death.

                    If anyone seen the Nickleback clip - Saving Me. that bothers me sometime,

                    that every person has a scheduled date above his head.


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                      I belive in another life after died. But i'm scared to die, zzzz


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                        “Why should I fear death? If I am, death is not. If death is. I am not. Why should I fear that which cannot exist when I do?”

                        - Epicurus (341 BCE – 270 BCE)

                        More wise words from Epicurus.

                        Originally posted by CerealGOAT View Post
                        I'm not sure, it's just a finality, you won't be concious any more, its more weird then anything :P
                        I'm atheist too, but I would love for reincarnation to be true.
                        Reincarnation is true. Truer than any other belief system anyway. When you die and your body disintegrates, all the atoms that you're made of are reused to make new things. You could come back as a new house, a tree, or a brand new little baby. Anything and everything.
                        "I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection."
                        - Charles Darwin


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                          I think the answer depend on is there after live or no ?


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                            Those who are born, are supposed to live their life and then to die, in different ways, that's the law of nature. So why should be afraid of something that is inevitable?

                            I'm not afraid of death, when it happens it just happens, and we cant do anything about it.

                            Talking about what will happen after death, there could be 3 different ways:
                            - the nonentity - when you die, your soul die with you the body disintegrates and there is no any type of after life.
                            - reincarnation - that means a new beginning in the life circle, and you'll be thinking about same question in your next life: "Does the afterlife exist?", because you won't remember anything from your last life.
                            - heaven and hell - the Judgement Day, your soul goes through it, and the divine power decides where you have to go depending how you lived your life. This is the most religious way.

                            Anyway, everyone is free to believe in what they want, with what idea they have been raised with. No one can proof what will happen after death, never. Everyone will see after their death.

                            This question, "Does the aferlife exist?" is a philosophical one, and many great ancient philosophers dealt with it, and nowadays ones still deals with it. Like the questions: "Are we alone in this Universe?", "Is mankind the only superior creatures? Are there more superior creatures than us?"

                            It's all philosophical, and everyone takes what they want to believe, even after life or actual one.
                            "Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel."

                            ~Kaneki Ken


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                              No I'm not and I think no one is. That's because no one is scared of dying, but the pain that one has to undergo during death. According to study (of every type), it has been learnt that there is no painless method of dying. Even if someone shoots you while you're unconscious, is going to give you pain. If there was a painless way to death, I would have not been typing this.
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