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    Originally posted by superbad09 View Post
    I can walk butt naked in my back yard and not have to worry about a thing.

    I can drink a beer on my front porch and smoke a cigarette without having a care who see's me or what they say.

    I can work nine to five monday through friday and not have to do another damn thing. :)

    And finally I could get away with paying taxes, even though they say you can't, and only serve one year in jail. Where in the world can you do that? If you tried to avoid taxes, you would probably be beheaded. :P
    Perfect example of an ignorant American.

    They can smoke a cigarette on their porch and walk naked in the yard and there we fuking go : Ämerica is the greatest country in the world"

    In a lot of countries you can do the same thing you described above. The only difference is,those people realise that they are not the greatest just because they are allowed to drink on their porch.

    Ignorance is what's bringin America down

    hot damn thanks for ruining my mood

    but hey Netherlands for the fking win. The NL is the greatest country in the world because we have legal weed and hookers

    suck on that!


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      Originally posted by Balauru View Post
      but hey Netherlands for the fking win. The NL is the greatest country in the world because we have legal weed and hookers
      Your country is a great model! We're trying our best here in Canada.
      "I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection."
      - Charles Darwin


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        What is so great about America? I come from a background of immigrants that managed to come into the US illegally back in the mid 80's before Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to millions of immigrants. He gave them the chance to become residents and eventually have the chance to apply for citizenship. I was fortunate to have been born in the US. The US does have alot of freedoms that other countries just do not have. Every year thousands of people come to our country illegally because they feel this country is so great. Put it this way even the great country my family is from (Mexico) their own president encourages their people to cross those boarders to come here. Now why is that? Yes people in the United States seem to have more opportunities at starting a better life. But right now during our economy crisis it is hard for the US to keep afloat as more and more people storm our boarders.

        Why are we great, on a contrary to what some people may think the US gives countless amounts of money to other countries to help them out as best as they can even to the expense of its own people. Our country allows children of illegal immigrants to enroll in our schools which provide FREE education along with free meals if they qualify which most do. Our schools accommodate for those who do not speak English and helps them learn the language. That is how I was able to learn English. When there is a natural disaster in another country the US is one of the first to respond with relief efforts. I know the US is not up there in different categories especially in education but ask yourself this how can we be any better if the scores include students that enroll in school that speak little or no English.

        The US has been great to me because it allowed my family to establish themselves here and become citizens, it allowed me to receive free education in elementary, junior high, high school, community college and part of university. This country has allowed me to get help when I didnt have the money. The only thing I wish is that the US worried more about its own people and the deficit than giving to other countries.


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          I think the rebuttal that many people are making in this thread has to do with how the US is really not all that special when compared to other industrialized countries. Sure, when you compare the US to second and third world countries it's pretty awesome. But that's kinda like winning a gold medal at the special Olympics. It's just not that impressive to the rest of us.
          "I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection."
          - Charles Darwin


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            Balauru said everything. Americans love their country so much that they can't see there is a world much bigger than them out their borders.
            It is true that you guys have more freedon than many places out there, but nothing that was said here i can't do in my third world home country. US benevolent hand has also the other side, USA helps a lot, but it is not for free, the taxes charged in all the loans made by you are inhuman, South American countries already paid more than 2 times the original debt with currency corrections but the deficit is only rising wich generates a common hate towards the creditors, fed by the populists and supporters of the socialism. Africa has the same problem. Many countries like Angola and Congo are swallowed by civil wars, famine and dictatorship-like governments and are still trying to have their debts forgiven, because there is no way they can keep paying them. All the help US provides is in a way or another already paid by the interest received from the loans.
            I went to USA for 3 months to improve my english working at a Burger King in Boston, the true ignorance of the regular american was shown when i said that i was not from Japan, but from Brazil. More than one time i was asked on how i could pay the airplane ticket if we all live in shacks or if we trully used the liana as our main way of locomotion. They seriously believed what the episode of The Simpsons told them, just the people of a University near the store believed i too was in college and earned more than most of the guests i served.
            I met some of the worst kind of people there, mentally speaking, too closed on their own simple routine, they don't want to acept nothing foreign. When i said many europeans come to Brazil only with a backpack to know our country i just got told i was crazy. But i'm glad i met some wonderfull people there too, two of them in special were a teacher at a local high school and another was the owner of a pub.
            I don't like USA (the one full of prejudice and ignorance), but i also don't dislike you either. To improve you could start by stop thinking the world revolves around you, that you are better than everyone and that USA should step in every place internal issues. To stop the hate, you should try stopping considering military actions as the first option and saying things like: "lolz are you from Brazil? that's in Africa, right?"

            You said that USA provides free education for the illegals too. Well, here in Brazil you can have free AIDS treatment even if you are illegal, all paid by the government.
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              America, the land of the free, the home of the brave. I believe that is one of our slogans. Sure freedom in our country is more than most, but understanding freedom should incite a realization that Americans aren't actually free. Our freedom is being hampered by what every society needs, a governing body. Nothing can work without a government, ours isn't perfect, nowhere near perfect. Hell we have done so many things that we shouldn't have just because we think that just because we are the USA we can do whatever we want. I can think of many instances where America has faulted, Vietnam, the Gulf War; but I can also think of the many instances we have made a difference. In WWII after most of the eastern part of Europe was in shambles we were there to help rebuild. With many of the disasters we have been there to help with the relief efforts, yes I know that obviously we didn't do all of this for free, but how could we as the USA freely give billions of dollars, that we probably don't have away? I think that throughout our history of being the USA we have done more good than we have done bad, though this is general.
              Now I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was born here, not because of freedom, not because of safety, but because of the diversity among our citizens. We are a society built on immigrants from many different nations and cultures that creates a unique atmosphere unlike any other nation I know. Take New York for example, there are many ghettos there that upon visiting them takes you to a different part of the world. New York City itself observes major holidays from 7 different religions, I don't know where else outside of the USA where major holidays of 7 different religions are observed in one general area. I think that the diversity in America is what makes us great.
              Now what kind of pisses me off is the general blanket statement that all Americans are so blinded by their love for their country that they can't see the world around them. Blanket statements piss me off because although you may have specific instances where American stupidity was blatantly apparant, it is not reflective of everyone in America. There are Americans that care about other countries, that know the differences between cultures, that strive to learn other cultures. I think that blanket statements are meant to show America in a negative manner because of what we have. Honestly I love being an American and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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                I'm surprised by the number of people who are touting the "free" things they can get in other countries. Education and health care aren't free no matter where you live, its simply impossible. You pay for it... mainly in the form of much much higher taxes than in America. One of the things that I love about America as compared to some of Europe and other places (and I'm not saying those places are bad or anything... just why I'm a fan of America) is that I have more economic freedom here. I have the ability to dictate what I spend my money on and what goes on in my life to a much greater degree than in the rest of the world.


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                  In São Paulo you don't need to be in a guetto to see that mix of cultures and people and we are 3 million habitants bigger than NY, but i've never been there so the only place i can say anything about is Boston. If you want to know where 7 major hollidays gather together come here, it will be way more if you count the several african ethnies that gather here.
                  Yes, the regular people at USA are blinded, go on the street and try asking which country is Venezuela and wich one is Colombia, you will be surprised at the answers.
                  USA is powerfull, very powerfull to say the least. That power entrances people, they think they don't need to know about the rest of the world (wich is true for the regular people).
                  Never US made charity, there is no country who does it, there is aways a some interest, be it political, be it financial. If you study the Marshall plan, you will see that a buch of US' industrys and factories installed themselves at Europe, even if there isn't the big interests, US sure profited a lot with it. And you do have those billions to spare, you do it every year in the military industry and to support the wars.

                  What you are not free about is when you don't have an insurance or gets a disease/trauma that is not covered by it. If that happens, your life saves are doomed, because your health care is private and because every mistake a doctor does is enought to get him sued. If you need a medicine for the rest of your life, will the government pay for it? I don't think so. I someone poor develops cancer or a heart disease, he will most likely die or sink his relatives finances while trying to pay for a threatment.
                  And what is that "degree" of freedom to spending money? In those 3 months i never saw any way of spending money that i could do in Boston and couldn't do in São Paulo in any degree.

                  Stupidity can be found everywhere in the planet easy, but USA supports it by saying "I'm better than you", that attitude is seen even in the way you refer to yourselves: "America" is a continent, not a country. This is why there is prejudice against US' citizens.

                  I can't see this discussion endind well, the national identity is what makes USA what it is, be it good or bad. I shared my point of view and further posting will only piss me and everyone off so i'm stepping out of this topic.
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                    Thank you Fractal for being honest, and saying what you believe. It is important to hear the opposite side of things and also to know how the USA is viewed by others, and the impact that the USA has on other countries. I hope that you don't think all of us are like the people you met in Boston, I am sorry that the impression of the American public was tainted by idiots.
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                      Fractal, I don't understand what you mean by "never US made charity". Could you please explain?

                      Also we refer to ourselves as "Americans" because we live in the United States OF AMERICA. That is not arrogant, it is simply fact. Should we call ourselves United States-ians? Now that's a mouthful.

                      Lets talk a bit about the USA. Which country sends money to other countries after a national disaster? We do. Who is there to protect the vulnerable Israel from its enemies? We are. Which country takes in more immigrants per year than any other combined? We are.

                      Source: Immigration numbers

                      America does a lot of really wonderful things for the world and that should not be forgotten. Are we arrogant? In some ways, yes. But our flaws are far outweighed by the good this country does for nearly everyone who asks.

                      I think you are being quite racist towards Americans based on a short sighted perspective. Judging everyone by the actions of a few is never a good idea.


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                        Israel isn't exactly vulnerable. They invented the uzi and former us president jimmy carter claims they have nuclear weapons. But I agree with your other points


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                          Since JJ asked i will post once again, but it is the last time.

                          No country does charity, there is aways something else involved. Like IL: it isn't interesting for the US to let it be destroyed, that country population is the only one who thinks USA is good in the whole Middle East, that without mentioning the fact that the jew population in US is really big and have powerfull people. No Israel means no support in that area for the USA, but now that they got the most advanced military industry and one of the best trained army they can take care of themselves.
                          It is the same thing with Brazil help to Haiti, we are leading a peace mission and spending some good billions that we don't have in this island. Why? Chariy? No, our president wants to expand our influence at the Caribbean and Central America and the help is a perfect marketing for Brazil's name.
                          There is no country who would spend the taxes paid by the citizens in another place just for charity, the political consequences of this action in the senate would isolate the president and make it impossible form him to rule, unless there is nothing more to invest and there is no things like poor people at home, which isn't the case of USA.
                          You may want to read this too: Charity Across the World

                          For the imigrants things you are right, and the number is much bigger because that statistics doesn't count the illegal ones.

                          My criticism isn't about how you call yourselves americans, but how you call your land America. For a foreign eyes it seems that you consider your contry the unique relevant thing in the continent. As you said, you are the United States OF America, not America itself.

                          You may be big, powerfull and rich. Thats is not why people dislikes you. The reason is that you brag about it and let others down, this is what a foreign hate.

                          Now i'm out this thread for good, please don't bother trying to discuss with me, i won't reply.
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                            Originally posted by JustJenna View Post
                            Fractal, I don't understand what you mean by "never US made charity". Could you please explain?

                            Lets talk a bit about the USA. Which country sends money to other countries after a national disaster? We do.

                            America does a lot of really wonderful things for the world and that should not be forgotten. Are we arrogant? In some ways, yes. But our flaws are far outweighed by the good this country does for nearly everyone who asks.

                            America is a great place to live. As as said elsewhere so are many other places. I had a good friend visit Europe and never left. I can understand why other people see us as arrogant. The fact is, we are. We are shoveled patriotism since the day we are born. We are led to believe that we have the highest morals, the best products, the government is looking after our best interest and that we are a some great democracy. We are actually a republic country which is why some states are 'more important than others when it comes time to vote. We are also led to believe that we are the most powerful and have the most resources.

                            Don't get me wrong, I am a bit older and not as naive as I used to be but I still love my country mostly because of the people in it.

                            I hate to think and talk about this but unfortuantly it is a good example and it affected me greatly. Hurricane Katrina tore into some of the gulf states (Louisiana and Mississippi took some of the worst damage). We had people without food and water for days and no police/military to help control crime. This is one of the few eye opening times when Americans took a look and asked " where are our resources? Why are so many dying and being killed? Why do WE look like a third world country?" [I worked - Goverment contract to help remove servers from damaged locations so we had escorted access to the city] and it was unnerving to see bodies along the streets for up to two weeks afterwards. It took months for teams to finish searching houses for the dead. This is what changed my view of what our government is really capable of.

                            Now, using that same example: The country, the people that gave money and donated basic needs (soap, bottled water, etc.) and especially those that came down to the area to help or took some of my family in to their homes in nearby states were great. Life would have been unbearable without the help from fellow Americans. And you know what? I met some wonderful people from other countries as well who saw humans in need - not Americans.

                            Ok sorry for this awfully long post - my point is that the majority of American people are good although a bit overly patriotic. It is out our government and corporations that causes our problems. Although not perfect, there are worse out there. (another topic - but I love the way the banks and corporations blame the economy on bad loans instead of corporate greed and policies).
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                              The people, haha oh man.. there is all sorts of characters here in America.
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                                the Egyptian,Romans ,greeks, ancient chinese and maya were great nations , today there is nation theat can reached superiority they had in their time

                                you would like to think that you have invented
                                repuplica ,democracy and humans right actually those have were invented with 2000 years before USA
                                if tomorrow al humas disappear after the face of the earth last buildings that will still stand will be Colosseum and the Pyramids
                                you like yo think theat you have most freedom and best justice try to visit the countries in northern Europe
                                you like to think you have the greates army but how many adversary with more powerfull armys then yours USA defeated alone in its history ,only once and here's a pretty big controversy
                                You have landed on the moon ,that sounds good but if you have not landed, than russian would have landed anyway in few years

                                Dont get my wrong i have nothing against USA, is a big ,powerfull country but empires rise and fall, things that will remind of them even 1,000 years after their disappearance makes them great, stop being so ignorants
                                Also you maybe have not notice this but USA economie is kept alive by China ,Japan and to a lots of other coutrys and smart boys , here is you debt $13,792,341,190,787 ,i wonder what will happen when these guys will no longer need USA and they will start asking for there money back
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