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Do You Think Aliens Exist Or Have You Experienced Anything?

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  • Do You Think Aliens Exist Or Have You Experienced Anything?

    I think it would be possible for aliens to exist because this universe is so infinite and the possibility for one unknown organism to exist is very plausible.

    The only thing I have experienced is seeing a creature hovering in the sky that was larger than a human, hairy, and very fast when it moved.

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    Well, it's not known if the universe is finite or infinite. In an infinite universe, by definition, they are certainly out there. (Since we are here, which has some finite probability of occurring, in an infinite universe anything which has a finite probability of occurring will actually occur an infinite number of times)

    I think it's probable that aliens exist.


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      I hold no doubts that otherworldly beings exist.

      I also hold no doubts that some of them know we are here and probably are observing us. Its also highly likely they have interfered (in a good way) with us, at some point in time.

      I also strongly believe all otherworldly beings capable of space travel are peaceful. If the rate of technology surpasses the rate of the "maturity" of the human race, it kills itself off - We came close to that a few times already, noting the world wars and the cold war...

      When we reach full maturity - that is, when humankind can look after every member of its population rather than let people starve and die from disease, when people do their work for the love of humankind rather than the love of money, and when everyone respects each other and their opinions rather than fight and argue, Then and only then will they come out and show themselves to us.

      Just my opinion.


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        It's been proven that the universe is continuously expanding so, by theory, isn't it infinite? Anyhow, I'm one of those who believes there is life out there. It doesn't have to be intelligent life forms just a simple single-cell organism will do; and, with evolution we know what will happen to these single-cells.

        Really, rather than wondering if there are lifeforms out there, I wonder if there are other intelligent beings wondering if other lifeforms are out there...


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          i believe that they exists, the universe is soooo large, i think that is impossible that only us have life... But, i believe that only us have inteligence, it could exist life on other planets but i think that is only small beings...


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            Originally posted by el2em View Post
            ...I'm one of those who believes there is life out there. It doesn't have to be intelligent life forms just a simple single-cell organism will do; and, with evolution we know what will happen to these single-cells...
            Best estimation is that the universe is over 13 billion years old. Could an alien life form not have developed, reached a level of civilization far beyond ours, and have already gone extinct? Certainly enough time's gone by.
            "I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection."
            - Charles Darwin


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              I agree w/ others. The universe is so vast, there must be life out there somewhere. Check out this awesome animated gif to put the universe into a bit of perspective for you:


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                i would say there is a possibility of existence of aliens ,
                reason for my believe is we dont knw everything about everything .
                our knowledge is incomplete , so the unknown becomes uncertainty which becomes possibility .
                so theres always a possibility of aliens .


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                  All I will say is this - what a waste of space if we were alone....


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                    Life components are common all over the universe,the very fact that billions of stars like our sun exist serves to prove that certainly life in other solar systems exists ( I dont like the term alien), I havent seen or experienced anything like a close encounter but I would love to.

                    So I certainly agree with most of the posts here, and i hope to live long enough to see how life in other places look like.


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                      They say theres a billion -solar systems- for each grain of sand on earths beaches. the numbers are pretty large, so i would have to say the odds that there ARENT some other type of life somewhere is pretty slim. ..whether that be cells or super-advanced time shifting beings composed only of energy.

                      you never know...and usually the truth is stranger than fiction


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                        oh boy, oh boy - how i am itching to give you younglings a lecture on this. Although, I fear I may get a little too difficult to comprehend.

                        So I leave it to the hands of NASA and Tony Darnell to put things in perspective. What is shown doesn't discuss on extra-terrestrial lifeforms but the possibilities that exist.

                        Watch this first, and if you want the nitty-gritties on Hubble's Ultra Deep Field (the best astronomical gadget ever invented in the history of mankind, in my opinion) watch this right after.

                        We'll continue discussion afterwards.


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                          I haven't experienced anything, but it's already been broken down by Maksimir, what it comes down to is whether the universe is infinite or not. and who are we to know? it's certainly incredibly large, but the real question is "is it large enough?"

                          I for one think that there's aliens out there, sure. I can't bring myself to be so 'holier than thou' to say "nope. we're the best there ever was, the best there ever will be." it seems pretty narrow minded to think we're the top of the universal food chain just because we haven't seen anything else yet. surely the mouse thinks the same thing until the cat comes along...

                          (note: I'm not saying aliens are gonna eat us! )


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                            Great gif, its totally ignorant to think we are the only life, of course there must be more life out there, do I believe at this point in time, that this life visits us? Prob not, although travis walton fire in the sky is a great story


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                              In regards to the infinite universe:


                              So going on my own basis, I do not believe that the probability of life in the universe is 1 as I do not believe the universe to be infinite in size or time.

                              However you can then consider the drake equation:

                              I can't be bothered to type all the variables so:

                              Drake equation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                              Now taking all the variables into account it does give a large number for the number of civilizations in just our galaxy that might be contactable.

                              Personally I am not a fan of the drake equation, it just seems a bit of a mish-mash of variables that someone has decided to make use of.

                              However, you never know it may be correct.

                              The drake equation just involves our galaxy and intelligent life. Taking into consideration the universe and ALL life, you would expect the probability of life to be quite significant.

                              Personally I do believe that there is life on other cosmological bodies. Most likely some intelligent and some most likely not.

                              Will be ever be able to communicate? Well after study Physics for a fair few years I have gotten used to the idea that most of the laws generally stick, the main one being that light is constant speed in all reference frames. SO unless there is life in the immediate vicinity of our solar system (which I believe the probability to not be significant), then the chance of communicating with these life-forms will be pretty negligible.
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