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    I am an enthusiast for Cypto-Currency and related platforms.

    I started with a 5 Dollar donation from my boss in 2014. I put it into an Electrium wallet and wrote down the seed words and put them in physical wallet (not labeled, just a mess of words) well time went by and I forgot about it and received a new wallet for a Bday or Xmas and switched everything out but didn't remember about the seed words paper in a weird spot so it was tossed in a drawer for a few years lol. then in late 2017 I found it after moving and going threw my stuff. Well it had turned into about 80$s so I went to #Binance and loaded it up to recycle threw some newer crypto's in hopes to make big on a few small investments. I can live if i lose everything in there. But these listed below are very nice and have huge potential to blow up over the next two years


    Here is a well made informative video explaining why each of these are a good investment for anyone interested.

    I am interested in hearing what the p2p community thinks of the current crypto craze and if they think it can benefit us to creat a p2p-crypto-coin or something. There are a lot of options to play with on ETH platform alone. And iota and tron both have cool systems also. And on the other side of this talk are the exchanges. I like Bitshares and binance (although binance does kinda suck, they just have everything and have not been hacked lol. They do have a very annoying limit of around 30 dollars usd equivalent for trading regardless of currency. Also they do not let you remove fractions of coins. So you are always missing a bit of your money. But all in all not a bad system and I can live with the bad for the good IMO. There are many exchanges but Bittrex and bitfinix are full up till who knows and the others have either been hacked (NiceHash, Bitthumb, yobit) or do not accept a large enough crypto group to really have just one. I wold love some more/better info on this if anyone knows something helpful to any who are reading as well as myself. Feel free to post questions and links to cool new stuff or otherwise useful things

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    I'm also investing in crypto. I was day trading BTC on coinbase around the time BTC spiked up to 1k and than China banned it. Lucky I broke even. Tried trading LTC as well. Shortly after I gave up,

    Start investing in crypto again around June of 2017 and found out I still had 40 LTC in my old wallet which I purchased for around $2 dollars each or was it $12. Finally sold them around $250 ea. Made a huge profit.

    Reinvest its into Siacoin, Ripple, Tron, Stellar, ETH, made over $15k from 40 LTC which I totally forgot about. Cashed 50% of my profits. Right now I'm messing around with 8k.
    1k in ICOs, 2k in POWR, 2k in XRB, 1k in ENJ, 1k in RND, 1k in BNB, purchased them when they were at a all time high. I'm down to about $5k, waiting for the market to go back-up or till my ICO hits an exchange.



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      Nice to see fellow crypto nerds around here. Right now I'm really into CND and POWR. Expecting good things from ADA as well, but waiting for the market to start rebounding again.


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        Nice going : D if I remember right I read XRP (ripple) it runs like a bank. The controllers can make ripple as they see fit, meaning they control the value and its centralized. it has been a while since I read that and im not sure where so maybe i am off also, but check it out just in case. Also bnb is super cheap for binance fee's and you wiill never use 1000 bucks for them, you will take for ever to use 100 bucks unless your trading constantly and then it would be hard to turn profit consistently, so maybe moving a bit (700 or so) of that would be beneficial also. and I loving ENJ : )


        I am loving ADA also. looking forward to getting more.

        Below are a few altcurrencies that I feel will grow well over the next 2 years. this is in order of cost. and I believe the growth will be from bottom to top as Bitcoin grows about 15 to 30 range.

        __________________________________________________ _________

        These top are the majority of money in crypto (Market cap wise) and will continue to grow ass Bitcoin does, should bitcoin fall they will still grow although after a nasty tumble.

        BTC – Bitcoin – 11,700.00 |

        Eth – Ethereum - 919.00 |

        Dash – Digitalcash – 716.00 |

        ZEC - Zcash - 452.00

        XMR – Monero – 316.00

        LTC – Litecoin – 242.00

        ZTC – Zclassic – 158.00


        The crypto's below are what I believe to bbe the contenders in the waar to come.

        Neo - neo -125.00

        xzc – Zcoin – 65.27

        Gas – neo gas – 43.00

        ETC –Ethereumclassic – 36.80

        Qtum – qtum -28.05

        Wtc – waltonchain – 22.00

        Strat - Stratis -9.03

        Eos – blockone – 8.57

        waves - Waves – 8

        Icx – icon project – 4.19

        ANT – Aragon -4.00

        Aion – 3.40

        Eng – enigma – 2.69

        Iot – iota – 2.00

        Nav – navcoin – 1.84

        Wabi – wabi – 1.62

        ELF - Aelf – 1.50

        UNIT – universule currency – 1.42

        RLC – iEx.e c – 1.29

        USDT – tether – 1.00

        The crypto's below are in the early stages and considered risky by the majority of investors. I am not one of them.

        IXT – iXledger – 0.60

        Xem – nem – 0.46

        Xlm – steller – 0.38

        Ada – cardano – 0.34

        REQ – requestnetwork – 0.28

        Bts – bitshares – 0.25

        Enj - Enjin coin – 0.20 <--I don't know much about this except it gets pump with millions on occasion and is fun to watch.

        Zrx - 0x – 0.09

        TRX – tronix – 0.05 <-------- My favorite in all of crypto. Goes live 3/31 and is expected to drop for a bit and Bo0M! read about tron : )

        Sc – Siacoin – 0.02

        Echange coins:

        Bbnb – binancecoin - keepin the fee's cheap is as good as gaining a nice percentage.

        WTC – waves community token – 3.00 waves has crazy potential for growth and everyone should have the lite wallet. Waves lite Wallet

        Countrycoins: got to collect them all!

        Potcoins: One or two will eat the rest, must find it/them early.

        Medicoins: One or two will eat the rest, must find it/them early.

        IMB – imb blockchain - ??? watching this one

        "The pic is a bit old and not 100% accurate"



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          I strongly suggest everyone to check what is going on with IoT (Internet of Things) and later with IOTA the Non-Profit Foundation based in Germany, which provides the protocol and tech and is also a cryptocurrency.

          Info on reddit/r/IOTA, his official site, go to Bosch, check the "presentation of Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer of the Volkswagen Group. The talk about IOTA starts at around 4:43minute", and there more and more, go to Discord official Server and get into stuff, ask people and get in touch. There are tons of offical brilliant news, partnerships with companies like Bosch and VW, the Data Marketplace with tons of companies, Taiwan partner with IOTA for its first Smart City etc etc etc

          THis is something completely different from what people have got used to as cryptocurrency. It's the future. Check it out.

          (If you are a moon guy, check the market cap and supply too, don't expect +10,000 prices etc, it's ridiculous)

          @SteviLGenius Hope you're doing great and healthy man. Always nice to see you around.

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            Hey peeps, is there anyone around that can speak of the crypto and Covid-19, what should we be doing?
            A very special thank-you to LaFemmeFatal for my VIP!
            I am very gracious and she is just awesome!