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  • Rant space for tracker-banned users

    Is there a support group for people who get banned from trackers they love because of a silly mistake (like getting sniffed-out here)? If not I think I want to start one. It's like getting dumped for God's sake!
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    Hey man, if you knew how many members lost their favorites trackers here... just cause they were active members here. Since I have been here I saw so many fantastic guys left this place after they banned from their favorites trackers, most of them for no reason. They didn't share an invitation for the current place or something similar. They joust found out they were active here and they banned them cause they don't want "people who make giveaways". Actually, that was the reason I got banned from PTP not long ago, as you know. I would never share an invite for What, PTP, BTN, HDB or my favorite trackers or any other elite place that would like to stay behind the scene. Never! After What died, so many people were looking for a new home, and as you know, my only intention was to help one-two people find a new home for their music and make them happy on Christmas. Nothing more. I lost both, the 'newcomer' tracker I shared invitation and PTP.

    Can I blame anyone? No. No, it's my fault. Is written in the rules that they are not allowed giveaways, any kind of.
    Can I blame PTP to disable me even though I did not share an invitation for this place? No, I can't. They can ban anyone they want, anyone they think they can hurt their community, or they don't like. PTP is by far the best general movie tracker that exists today. They achieved that with various decisions. I don't think they care how they look to others. The userbase is always full, and people around cry that they want to get in. What will change if they ban some with reasons they find serious enough? Surely, nothing against them. The sure thing, PTP is the best general movie tracker. Like IPT is by far the best general tracker. Some things like that what happened to me do not worth seconds thought for staffers there. I was just "one more guy" of the 35.500 and I can get replaced in 1 sec.

    Can I blame BT? That's a difference question. I did not expect BT to be like that. I am into this more about the people. I like to be kind and helpful. To help in every way. Not just with sharing my rips in places. I enjoy irc, mostly smaller places. I can't forget the place I started. I can't forget how I was when I first came here. I can not forget the places that made me feel happy and gave me so much. Sadly, while there are amazing trackers and staffers around, there are places where ego exists. Places that had some of that and rose to the top of trackers in term of reputation and others that got fucked up cause of ego in the past. Is nothing new, it will always exist. People put trackers and rules above members. But the whole BT is not like that, it really depends. If you are not a collector or want to have only the top trackers etc, then you can find peace in BT, find cool people and enjoy every tracker you thought it was "not good enough".

    What really made me feel pain and anger? That people I trust and they trust me, I let them down. I am not sure what happened to my inviter or all people I invite. :( (not from here ofc) I hope they managed to enable their accounts back. They did nothing wrong. I did nothing 'very wrong' and I hope all staffers got that.

    I am happy to find out many Amazing places with great, legendary and honor staffers. Places which if you won't break their rules, you will never have a problem. Places where even if I broke the giveaway rule, they just disabled my invites. I really respect.

    Still, remember I felt sad when I read what happened to @banned and @TheWickerMan. Even when they came back, they were not the same. Nothing will be the same here. This amazing place, TI, without it, the whole BT would not be the same. Famous and huge trackers wouldn't be like that. Most of the best members around used to be active here or did their first steps here. This was the heaven of forums back in 2011. Don't listen to anyone talking about T-I. They spread lies. Thanks to @Dave , most of the staffers, not the snakes that divided this community, and all other amazing members all these years. Thanks to my BT father that exists here as well. I will always be there, visiting and be a little active posting etc, but I am done with helping newcomers. Every newcomer has to gain so much from here. I own everything to this forum, without this forum I don't think I would never dig private trackers more.

    Enjoy your BT, and as some great people reminded me recently, always remember: They are nothing more that trackers, not real life. It is not worth to worry, to think a lot about all that. Do something cause you enjoy, cause you feel good doing that, is a hobby. If even after years some don't like you and give up on you (I know examples where members for more than 10 years fucked up by staffers), this is NOT real life. Let it go. If you have spent so much time and effort into a tracker and then they let you down, guess what, is YOUR FAULT! Nobody told you to spend hours daily for something that give you "almost nothing back in real life". Focus on real life, and don't take the next day as granted.

    My advices: Be kind, respect everyone, not the titles and rank, but everyone, enjoy irc, connect with people - BT is about people, share, don't care to get to the top, you don't have to do that if you're happy with the contant you have, when you go to better trackers, don't forget your previous communities, don't spend much time on BT, focus on real life (As @Coal said, the whole thing brings me cancer, I know people who spend dozen of hours ripping-encoding movies, be active on irc-forums while they have no jobs in real life), the faster you understand that the better for you, don't share serious invites here, never share invites for newcomer Tracker cause they may are close to famous trackers. (lol)


    MBR Please change the title, I feel like this is a group therapy shit like muricans use to do. lol
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      Hey pb-teo! I changed the title.. hope it's more to your liking

      I didn't really mean a support space as such... I wasn't devastated or laid low or any of that, I was just... pissed more than anything. I don't really blame anyone though I do think I was treated a bit harshly. And the op hearing my case.. oh man, don't get me started.

      I guess there are people who really really invest themselves heavily in trackers - I'm not really one of them. I'm a good citizen - keep a good buffer.. seed long, but I don't really get into it like a lifestyle - even if i wanted to I just don't have the time between work and family. Not that there's anything wrong with that - everyone has their focus. I lieu of time, I have the resources to rent a nice seedbox to help seed old torrents and such, and make donations, and that makes me feel good - my bit for the community.

      I don't know the story of [MENTION=99968]banned[/MENTION] or [MENTION=56997]TheWickerMan[/MENTION] but I'm guessing it's not pretty. I get that trackers need to protect themselves just as we users need to protect ourselves from fallen trackers. PTP was a blow, mostly because it was my go-to for movies. I really liked that they cared about the quality of the torrent- that they were obsessive about it. I think a more appropriate analogy would be getting barred from my favorite movie theatre because I let someone cut in line with me at the Starbucks next door. Someone mentioned that I should write a post about the fact that I got banned from PTP for receiving an invite for Redacted (PTH) on the same day at the same hour. The communities insist they aren't connected but in truth they likely are.

      I read about the ego problem among some of the trackers often though I don't have much experience with it because like I said, I'm usually a quiet member and don't engage the command structure that often. I have met some very cool and genuinely nice people over the years. In fact, that's how I got to PTP to begin with. An OLD time OP on PTP who was actually active here on TI got me in. Not via a giveaway, but because he came to know me on TI and liked me and wanted to give me a "gift". It was a very cool thing to do. I guess that sort of thing doesn't happen anymore. Maybe it's the more hostile territory that BT operates in these days... who knows.

      I'll leave you with this thought though - there's a certain irony in getting "dressed-down" for for bending or breaking rules that are in place by entities that themselves are bending and breaking rules. I mean, we're all breaking SOMEONE's rules, aren't we?


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        Hi, yes my case was not pretty, but was my own fault, my 1st tracker I was a newbie & had no clue how to support ratio, it was a tough tracker, no f/leech or any other easy stuff, so I bought ratio, must have paid over $1K to support them in my time, worked as a part-time staff member, brought many new (good members) to the site, gave away free invites on it, etc., but all that was for nothing when an invite I gave out went bad & I got the blame, no arguing, after many years good standing I was out. :-(
        Moral is to be careful on sites you really like/need when giving away invites & be prepared to loose access to any such sites at any time...


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            I lost three really elite trackers due to being a TI member but I'm still trying to recover from losing one. It had taken me a long time to meet the right person to receive the invite that I wanted to so much. What can I say? SOL man. However, TI afforded me so many opportunities to join a bunch of trackers lol. Yep I was a collector at one time and it was a sweet. No regrets! I'm just so grateful that TI was at its prime when I joined.